Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Abercrombie, Mrs., Redcroft, Riley avenue
Abraham Ormerod Convalescent Home, North drive
Acombe, Richard, The Grange, 3 North drive
Adams, Alice, art needlework depot, 12 Garden street
Adams, Miss, Claremont, 43 South . Promenade
Adams, Miss M., Montreux, 31 All Saints' road
Adams, Mrs., 33 St. Andrew's road North
Adams, Mrs. A. L., Fern Mount, 36 Wood street
Adams, Mrs. W., Breeze Hill, 21 Fairhaven road
Adams, T. 13., 29 All Saints' road
Adams, Wm. Dacre, The Nook, 21 York road
Ainsworth, Mrs. J., Springfield, 35 St. David's road South. Public and private apartments.
Ainsworth, J. W., Highfield, 59 St. Andrew's road South
Ainsworth, Miss, Rock Side, 29 Glen Eldon road
Airey, F. S., auctioneer, Newlyns, 15 York road
Aitken, A. H., town clerk of Accrington, 24 Victoria road
Alcock, Harold, book-keeper, 10 Springfield road
Aldcroft, Wm., engine tenter, 206 St. David's road North
Alexander, Mrs., 13 Lightburne avenue
Alexandra, Mrs., Riley avenue
Alexander, Wm., Westholme, 17 All Saints' road
Allen, Thomas, electrician, Hey-houses
Altham, P. H., tea merchant, Marley House, South promenade
Alty, Richard, Villamar, 10 Beach road
Anderton, George, tinner, 28 St. Alban's road East
Anderton, James, manufacturer, Glenroyd, 50 North drive
Anderton, Mrs. J., Rose Mount, 17 Lightburne avenue
Andrews, James, joiner, 91 Clifton street
Andrews, J. W., insurance agent, 56 Clifton street
Appleton, Samuel, 40 Albert road
Appleyard, J., butcher, 6 Park road. Residence : 29 Alexandra road
Apthorpe, A., 29 Park road
Armitt, J., baker, 62 Clifton street
Armstrong, A., baker, 130 Clifton street
Arthur, Mrs., Glen Afton, 33 Derbe road
Arthur, W., agent, Wensley Cottage, 25 Orchard road
Ashburner, the Misses, Saxonholme School, South Promenade
Ashcroft, W., Gardener, 63 St. Andrew's road North
Ashton, Hugh, Victoria Hotel, Church road
Ashton, Mrs., Pleasington, 11 Park road
Ashurst, John Arthur, cycle repairer, St. George's avenue
Ashurst, Miss, Buxton House, 32 St. David's road South
Ashworth, C., commercial traveller, Dunster Lea, St. Annes road E.
Ashworth E., painter and decorator, Alexandria drive
Ashworth, John, tinplate worker, workshop off St. David's road South
Ashworth, J. T., tinplate worker, South View, 31 St. David's road South
Ashworth, Miss M. B., Heath Bank, 19 Lightburne avenue
Ashworth, Mrs. and Chadband, Mrs., 14 Nelson street
Ashworth, Mrs. R. E., confectioner, Alexandria drive
Ashworth, R. E., coal merchant, Alexandria drive
Ashworth, Richard, cab driver, Primrose Cottage, St. Alban's road West
Ashworth, Samuel, The Ashlands, 131 St. Andrew's road South
Ashworth and Stansfield, Misses, Dale Bank, 11 St. Alban's road East
Aspden, Fred, grocer and provision dealer, 48 Church road
Aspden, Fred, photographer, 48a Church road
Aspinall, Miss, Lyncrest, 15 All Saints' road
Astley, James, Glenville, Riley avenue
Atkin, M., contractor, Inglewood, 5 Derbe road
Atkin, W. E., Hope Cottage, Rossendale road
Atkinson, George, farmer, Heyhouses
Atkinson, J., printer, 35 Park road
Atkinson, J., bricklayer, 42 Clifton street
Atkinson, L., Daisy Bank, Kensington road
Atkinson, Thomas, gardener, Heyhouses
Austin, Mrs. A., Bundoran, South drive