Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Gaffikin, James, plasterer, Lawton Villa, 89 St. Alban's road S.
Galloway, Mrs., Brownlow, 50 Leach lane
Galloway, J., L.D.S., R.C.S.I., dental surgeon, Chasewood, 31 WoOd street
Galloway, Stanley, L.D.S., R.C.S. Edin., dental surgeon, Chasewood, 31 Wood street
Gandy, M. T., baker, Rossendale road
Gandy, W. C., vanman, Daisy Bank, 41 Kilnhouse lane
Gardiner, Miss M., Rylands, 6 York road
Gardner, Mrs., Sandy Mount, 30 St. David's road South
Garlick, E., tram driver, Stoney Hill Bridge
Garlick, Misses, Newholme, 45 Park road
Garnett, G. F., cabinet maker and upholsterer, Back Springfield rd. Residence : Copopa, 41 Alexandra rd.
Garstang, Miss, Hill Crest, 57 Lightburne avenue
Gaskell, Mrs., Ribble Gate, 31 South promenade
Geldard, G. R., 2 Balmoral road
General Post Office. Postmaster : E. B. Laycock, Wood street
George, Herbert, ladies' outfitter, 31 St. Annes road West
Gibb and Hall, Misses, Arnhall School for girls, St. Annes road West
Gibbs, J. R., Edendale, 82 Orchard road
Gibb, John, linen merchant, The Gauze, 27 St. Thomas' road
Gibson, F. B., 1 All Saints' road
Gibson, Mrs., Sandiway, Riley avenue
Gifford, H., sawyer, 20 St. Alban's road East
Giles, John B., Hazelwood, 25 Lightburne avenue
Gilman, Wm., Jesmond Dene, 7 St. George's square
Gill, A., musician, 24 St. David's road South
Gill, Mrs., Anglehurst, 13 Fairhaven road
Gill, Mrs., Silcoates Boarding House, South promenade
Gill, J. T., Inglefield, Riley avenue
Gill and Read, ironmongers, 8 St. Annes road West
Gillett, Geo., farmer, Cross Slack Farm, Ball's road
Gillett, J. A., plasterer, 76 St. Alban's road East
Gillett, Mrs., St. George's avenue
Gillett, C. F., plasterer, 7 Kilnhouse lane
Gillett, Wm., painter, 85 Church road
Gillibrand, K. T., manufacturer, Sandhurst, 28 North promenade
Glover, Mrs. M., 75 Clifton street
Glover, W., butcher, St. Annes road West
Godfrey, James, 37 St. Andrew's road North
Goddard, The Misses, 2 All Saints' road
Gooden, Mrs., Hall Carr, 1, Richmond road
Goodier, The Misses, The stead, 21 Richmond road
Goodhall, C., tailor, Gifford House, 2 Grove street
Goodwin, A. K., sharebroker, Lynton, Cartmell road
Gorrell, J. M., traveller, High Mount, 11 St. Thomas' road
Gorton, Mrs., Evelyn Villas, St. Annes road East.
Grand Hotel, South Promenade. Proprietress: Mrs. R. J. Holloway.
Grant, J., carriage proprietor, Blenheim Lodge, Queen's road
Graydon, F. H., Kensington road
Grearson, John, joiner, 12 Hope street
Greaves, David, plasterer, Braemar, 8 Glen Eldon road
Greaves, F. W., Greaveland House, 17 South drive
Greaves, Hy., platelayer, Heyhouses
Greaves, Jas., bricklayer, 42 Church road
Greaves, Mrs., Lingdale, 75 St. Andrew's road South
Greaves, Ormond, roadman, Heyhouses
Greaves, Robert, joiner, 12 Kilnhouse lane
Greaves, Richard, platelayer, Heyhouses
Greaves, Thomas, farmer, Headroomgate road
Greaves, T., coal merchant, 4 Station yard
Greaves, Thomas, coal merchant, 16 Kilnhouse lane
Greaves, Walter, painter, 71 Clifton street '
Greaves, Wm., farmer, The Lilacs, 7 St. Alban's road West
Green, A. H., merchant, Seacote
Green, J., coal merchant, 30 St. Alban's road
Green, Mrs., Newholme, 27 Fairhaven road
Green, Mrs., Moorfield, 19 York road
Green, Robert, joiner, 16 St. Alban's road East
Greenhalgh, Mrs., Stanley Villas, 24 St. Alban's road East
Greenhalgh, Miss, milliner, 7 St. Andrew's road South
Greenwood, Cecil Wyatt, manufacturer, 7 Balmoral road
Greenhalgh, J., 7 Ashley road
Greenhalgh, 'I., boot maker, 41 Church road
Greenwood, J., agent, Handel House, St. Alban's road West
Greenwood, Mrs., Heath House, Links gate
Greenwood, Mrs. C., 4 Wood street
Gregg, Oliver, Glencairn, 7 St, David's road North
Gregory & Son, drapers, 27 North crescent
Gregson, A., gas stoker, Gas Works Cottages, 205 St. David's road North
Gregson, James, labourer, Heyhouses
Gregson, Mrs., farmer, Heyhouses
Gregson, Henry, Surveyor to the Urban District Council, 147 St.Andrew's road South
Grey, Mrs., Laburnum Villa, 14 St. Andrew's road South
Griffin, W., traveller, Kendal House, 36 Albert road
Griffiths, J., builders' merchant, Welbeck, 21 All Saints' road
Grime, A., Ladies' & Children's Outfitter, 28 North Crescent
Grime, Mrs. M., 6 Leach lane
Grimshaw, Amos, hosiery manufacturer, 63 Park road
Grimshaw, Mrs. G., 2 Springfield road
Grimshaw, Wm., 104 Clifton street
Grindrod, Miss, Ellerslie, 14 Wood street
Grindrod,' W. B., 7 St. Thomas' road
Grundy, Mrs., 49 Park road
Grundy, W. C., accountant, Glenesk, Westby road
Grundy, W. L., architect, 2 Oxford avenue
Guelder, Miss, Carrington, Riley avenue
Guthrie, Mrs., Electra, 5 St. Thomas' road