Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

St. Annes Abattoirs, St. David's road North
St. Annes Coal Company, 6 Station Yard
St. Annes District Club, St.George's road. Steward : J. R.Howarth
St. Annes & Fylde District Steam Laundry, St. David's road North. Proprietor : T. L. Milne
St. Annes Electricity Works, St. David's road North
St. Annes " Express" the Local Newspaper
St. Annes Gas Company, Showrooms, 8 Orchard road
St. Annes Gas Works, St. David's road North
St. Annes Hotel, St. Annes road West. Manager : Leonard Seed.
St. Annes Hotel Order Office, St. Annes road West
St. Annes Liberal Club, Bank Chambers, Park road. Steward : Edwin E. Whitaker
St. Annes Land & Building Company, Pier Entrance, North Promenade. Managing Director : W. H. N utter.
St. Annes Printing Co., Ltd., 34 St. Annes road West
St. Annes Public Hall, St. George's road (dramatic license) seats 850. Proprietor : T. Bannister, Esq. Lessee : Mr. Fred Carlton
St. George's Hall, St. George's road. Caretaker : U. Bennett, 28 Park road
St. George's Institute, St. George's road. Steward : J. Clegg
St. Annes Motoring Company, Alexandria drive. Proprietors : Johnson Bros.
St. Annes Old Links Golf Club, Lord street. Steward : T. E. Richardson
St. Annes Upholstering Co., Ltd. Manager : E. Johnson Back St. Annes road West
Sacre, Walter J., solicitor, Ravenscourt, 18 South drive
Sadler, Mr., Sunny Dene, 39 Kilnhouse lane
Sagar, C. K., Ravenswood, 10 Victoria road
Sagar, Mrs., confectioner, 1 St. David's road S0uth
Salisbury, W. H., plumber, Walcot, 17 Kilnhouse lane
Sanderson, Geo., schoolmaster, The Willows, Headroomgate road
Sanderson, Mrs., 98 Clifton street
Sanderson, Mr., 94 Ball's road
Saner, James, F.C.I.S., 27 Victoria road
Sarjeant, J. W., corn merchant, Homesands, 41 North drive
Schlapffer, Miss, Lindau, 21 St.Thomas' road
Scholes, C. 134 St. Andrew's road South
Scholes, F. A., Sandholme Villa, 14 Leach lane
Scholes, M., 26 Kilnhouse lane
Scholes, Wm., grocer, Whitebeck, 66 St. Andrew's road South
Scholes, W. A., tea merchant, Ravenswood, 141 St. Andrew's road South
Schofield, John, Carisbrooke, 5 Victoria road
Schofield, James, furniture remover, Craiglands, 37 St. Alban's road East
Scholfield, A. B., Winder, North promenade
Scott, B. V., 9 St. Patrick's road South
Scott, F. L., Lavernock, 6 St. Patrick's road North
Scott, J., Stanley Villas, 32 St. Annes road E.
Scott, Misses, Chorlton House, 61 St. Andrew's road North
Scott, R., farmer, Heyhouses
Scott, W., Woodstock, 26 North promenade
Scurrah, John, bootmaker and repairer, 13 St. Annes road East
Seed, J. E., 135 Church road
Seed, T., nagger and slater, Myrtle Villa, 24 Church road
Sued, Leonard, St. Annes Hotel
Seed, W., brewer, Ravensworth 42 North drive
Seel, Wm., traveller, The Grange, 68 St. Alban's road East
Sefton, F. & E., milliners, 60 St. Annes road West
Sefton, J., cotton and waste dealer, Rothay Holme, Glen Eldon road (off Lord street)
Sellers, Mrs. and Lord, Miss, Westholme, 25 South drive
Seville, Mrs., laundress, 124 Clifton street
Seates, Joseph, Firth Dene, 19 Kilnhouse lane
Shackleton, Miss, St. Elmo, 6 Wood street
Shakeshaft, Miss, 69 Park road
Sharp, W. R., architect, Paxford, 17 York road
Sharp, T., confectioner, 62 St.Annes road West
Sharp, Mrs., Windermere House, 52 St. Andrew's road South
Sharp, Mrs., Willow Dene, 20 Wood street
Sharples, Col. R., solicitor, Castlebergh, Headroomgate road
Sharrock, Hugh, labourer, 46 Albert road
Sharrock, Wm., labourer, 60 Clifton street
Sharratt, Walter, manufacturing chemist, 12 York road
Sharratt, Wm., cab driver, Back West crescent
Shaw, Edward, 5 Balmoral road
Shaw, G., Locharwood, 25 North drive
Shaw, George, Glenholme, St. Annes road East
Shaw, Mrs. E. A., 24 Nelson street
Shaw, Herbert, 5 Osborne road
Shaw, Miss, Downton, 23 Orchard road
Shaw, Wm., brewer's agent, Arlington, Lord street
Shaw, Wm., gardener, 2 Kilnhouse lane
Shaw, W. H., chartered accountant, 24 York road
Sheard, A., painter and decorator, Oak Hill, 58 St. Alban's road East
Sheard, Mrs. H., 22 Nelson street
Sheffield, E., bootmaker, 23 St. Andrew's road South
Shepherd, A. A. & Co., art needle work depot, Alexandria drive
Shepherd, George, mill owner, Ashleigh, South drive
Shepherd, James, The Willows, 5 Wood street
Shepherd, Mrs., 157 Church road
Shepherd, J. & Sons, joiners and coal merchants, The Hollins, 12 Park road
Shepherd, Rd., manufacturer, Holmedale, 56 North drive
Shepherd, Thomas, Sandlands, 26 Derbe road
Sherrington, Mr., 32 Hope street
Sherwood, Mrs., Briar Bank, 56 Orchard road
Sherwood, R. Larkfield, 19 All Saints' road
Shields, 0., fruiterer and fish dealer, florist and confectioner, 17 and 18 North crescent, and St. Andrew's road South
Sherwood, F. W., 8 Albert road
Shorrock, J., Gartn, 81 Park road
Shoesmith, Mrs., Addington House, St. Annes road East
Shorrock, C. A , Endrick House, 3 Fairhaven road
Siddall, S. M., chimney sweeper, 92 Clifton street
Siddle, George, Gladys House, 39 St. Alban's road East
Simpson, Miss, Longford, 8 Leach lane
Simpson, Rd., agent to the Prudential, Briar Leigh, 28 Church road
Simpson, T. W., golf professional, Cambridge House, 79, St. Alban's road East
Singleton, Charles, relief signalman, 102 Church road
Singleton, Ed., Links View, 64 Ball's road
Singleton, J., butcher, 8 Church road
Singleton John, coachman, Sunny Lea, 14 Clifton street
Singleton, John, farmer, Kilnhouse lane
Singleton, John, bricklayer, 10 Hope street
Singleton, Mrs., Ivy Cottage, 16 St. Patrick's road South
Singleton, Mrs., draper, 117 St.Alban's road East
Singleton, R., grocer's manager, Kent Vale, 5, Alexandra road •
Singleton, Thos., The Fernery, 40 St. Alban's road East
Sinkinson, Miss, Brooklands, 19 Richmond road
Slater, Fred, cycle repairer, 25 Church road
Slater, J. J. G., Kensington road
Slinger, R. and son, range manufacturer, Corporation Street Iron works, Preston
Smethurst, G. W., grocer, 5 St. Andrew's road South
Smethurst, Thos., accountant, Earlesmere, 36 North Drive
Smith, Geo., foreman joiner, Violet Cottage, 58 St. Andrew's road South
Smith, A. E:, merchant, Ailsacroft, Victoria road
Smith, J., Decorator, 3 Albert road
Smith, John, grocer, 97 Clifton street
Smith, James carter, 50 Clifton street
Smith, John, Oakenrod, 165 Church road
Smith, J. T., stonemason, 63 Church road
Smith, Miss M., 2 Lime Grove Smith, Mrs., Ashdene, South Promenade
Smith, Mrs., The Gables, 96 St. Annes road East
Smith, Mrs., 55 Church road Smith, Mrs., Avondale, 10 Wood street
Smith, Mrs., milliner, 142 St. Alban's road East
Smith, Mrs. F., Heather Bank, 23 St. David's road South
Smith, Mrs. J., Wheatlands, 15 St. Thomas' road
Smith, Mrs. M., Elton House, 11 WOOd street
Smith, The Misses, Post Office Chambers, WOOd street
Smithers, Mrs., Glenholme, 46 Lightburne Avenue
Snape, R. A., tailOr, St. Annes road West
Snape, Wm., Leigh Bank, 62 St. St. Alban's road East
Snelgrove, J. C., coal merchant, 2 Glen Eldon road
Snowden, Mrs., 16 Clifton street Southern, Jos., Oak Leigh, 5 Queen's road
Southern, Mrs., Burnbrae, Bromley road
Speakman, Henry, merchant, Morningside, Riley avenue
Speight, J. \V., Heyhouses Spencer, Mrs., 60 Park road
Spicer, H. A., cabinet maker and upholsterer, Alexandra House, Alexandra drive
Spring Bros., printers and stationers, "Express" Office, 42, St. Annes road West
Spring, F. E., accountant, 21 Victoria road
Spring, Mrs. M. A., Elsham Villa, 21 Wood street
Spruce, Mrs., Holmfield, 26 Park road
Squier, E. J., The Homestead, 4 York road
Stableford, J. P., Oldbury, South Drive
Staley, Douglas, L.F.P. and S. (Glasgow); L.R.C.P. (Edinburgh) L.R.C.S.E., The Mount, 8 St. Andrew's road South
Staley, Herbert, M.R.C.S. (Eng.); L.R.C.P. (Lond.), The Mount, 8 St. Andrew's road South
Staley, John C. G., L.R.C.P., The Mount, 8 St. Andrew's road South
Standard Coal and Coke Co., 2a Park road
Stanhope, James, labourer, The Poplars, 39 Alexandra road
Stanhope, Jos., labourer, Heyhouses
Stanhope, Wm., pointsman, The Hollins, Church road
Stansfield, Charles, cotton manufacturer, Sandgate, Kensington road
Stansfield, Edwin, cotton manufacturer, 34 Headroomgate road
Stansfield, Miss, Dale Bank, 11 St. Alban's road East
Stanworth, L., house furnisher, Lyndene, 17 St. Patrick's road South
Stanworth & Fielding, Ltd., house furnishers, 12 St. David's road South
Stead, C. A., traveller, Balderstone, Westby road
Stead, Clifford, watchmaker and jeweller, 9 Orchard road
Stead, T. A., chemist, 26 St. Annes road West. Residence: 1 Orchard road
Stead and Simpson, boot manufacturers, 52 and 50 St. Annes road West. Workshop : Back St. Annes road West
Steeden, F., builders' merchant, Tingewick Villa, 11 St. Alban's road West
Steeden, John, labourer, 30 Nelson street
Steele, G. Irving, chemist, Alexandria Drive. Residence : Clansmere, 23 Derbe road
Steele, J., fruiterer and florist, Alexandria Drive
Steele, J , Italian warehouseman, Alexandria Drive
Steele, Mrs., Highbury, Derbe road
Stephens, John, labourer, 42 Nelson street
Sterndale, The Misses, Elmfield, 5 Richmond road
Stevenson, F. H., Endcliffe, St. Thomas' road
Stevenson, Miss, Stanley House, 1 Grove street
Stirling, A., Fairholme, 1 St. Annes road East
Stirling, Robert, manufacturer's agent, Lyndale, 23 Kilnhouse lane
Stirrup, John, wheelwright, Hey-houses
Stockdale, Walter, Sunny Bank, 35 St. Alban's road East
Stott, C., painter, Ashfield, 30, Church road
Stones, Fredk., 23 Nelson street Stott; F. R., Lord street
Stott, J., pork butcher, 14 North Crescent
Stonex, J., estate agent, Kilsain, 38 North Drive
Stott, J., solicitor's clerk, Monifieth, 80 St. Andrew's road S
Stott, S. L., merchant, Inglefield, St. Annes road East
Stott, Wm., Destructor Cottages
Strange, Nurse, Private Nurses and Nursing Home, Innisfail, 17 Fairhaven road
Strickland, Wm., farmer, Hey-houses
Strong, Rev. C., Wyndhaven, 30 Victoria road
Strongitharm, Peter, .carter, 1 Nelson street
St.Thomas' School, St. Thomas' road
Stubbington, Albert, upholsterer and polisher, Chesham Lea, 103 St. Alban's road East
Stubblefield, Wm., Myrtle House, 14 Alexandra road
Sudall, J., confectioner, Sub Post Office, St. David's road South. Residence: Tweedale House, 13 St. Alban's road
Sullivan, Mrs., Elmscott, Headroomgate road
Summersgill, Miss, Delamere, 7 East Bank road
Sutcliffe, C., railway porter, Crib-den, 8 Alexandra road
Sutcliffe, Fred, 14 Sydney street
Sutcliffe, J., joiner and builder, Alexandria Drive. Residence : Dobroyd, Riley avenue
Sutcliffe, J.. J., draper, 42 St. Andrew's road South
Sutcliffe, John J., Danebury, 28 Derbe road
Sutcliffe, Miss, 44 Church road
Sutcliffe, Wm., builders' assistant, 7 Springfield road
Sutcliffe, Mrs., confectioner, 11 North Crescent, 14 St. Annes road West
Sutcliffe, W. H., Westhaven,. 26 Leach lane
Sutton, James, plasterer, Railway Cottages, off St. David's road South
Sutton, S., plasterer, 32 Clifton street
Sutton, W. and Co., furniture dealers, 25 St. Andrew's road S
Swainson, Geo., F.L S., Borough Treasurer of Bolton, Daneleigh, 18 St. George's road
Swainson, J., traveller, 47 Alexandra road
Swarbrick, Geo., joiner, 98 Church road
Swarbrick, J., Seymour, 43 Orchard road
Swedish Gymnasium Physical Culture Institute. Principals : Miss Florence Watson and Froken Alma Jonsson. 4 Garden street
Swift, Mrs., J., Moorlands, 35 Alexandra road
Swindells, C., 12 St. Alban's road East
Swindlehurst, Jas., boot and shoe maker, 22 Park road. Residence : 44 St.Andrew's .road South
Sykes, J., Oakdene, 19 St. Thomas' road
Sykes, Miss, Kimberley House, 36 Victoria road
Sykes, Robert, greengrocer, 37 Church road
Sykes W. E., butcher, 134 Clifton street