Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Fairbourne, Miss, Glenhurst, 97 St. Andrew's road South
Fairchild, J., electrical engineer, Rose Bank, 66 Ball's road
Falconer, Dr., 4 West crescent
Farnworth, James, butcher, 63 St.Alban's road East
Farrar, Mrs., Cliffe House, 72 Orchard road
Fawbert, T., printer, Elsinore, 16 Springfield road
Fawcett, Edward, dairyman, 34 Hope street
Fenton, Robert, carter, Heyhouses
Fenton, Thos., labourer, HeyhOuses
Fenton, Wm., labourer, Heyhouses
Ferguson, Thomas, Lyneside, 19 Ashley road
Fiddler, John, carter, 113 Church road
Fiddler, Joseph, jobbing gardener, 10 Albert road
Fielden, Miss, fent dealer, 14 St. David's road South
Fielding, Miss, Ivanhoe, 33 St. David's road South
Fielding, Mrs. , 16 Lightburne avenue
Fielding, W. S., house furnisher, Bearwood, Lightburne avenue
Fields, Sirs., 'Woodville, 6 St. George's square
Finlay & Co., tobacconists, 10 North crescent
Fire Station, St. Andrew's road North. Superintendent : J. E. Pennington,
Fisher, E., Division lane
Fisher, Ed., farmer, Off Squire's gate
Fisher, George, labourer, Heyhouses
Fisher, H., dairy and cafe, 4 and 6 Orchard road. Residence: Bankfield, 13 South drive
Fisher, J., 88 Church road
Fisher, James, Back Springfield
Fisher, James, plumber, 109 Church road
Fisher, James, labourer, 40 Nelson street
Fisher, Mrs., Tranmore, South drive
Fisher, Thos., 96 Church road
Fisher, Thos., foreman greensman, West View, 18 Leach lane
Fitton, E., architect, Grasscroft, 13 St. David's road North
Fitton, Miss, A.L.C.M., professor of music, Holme Bank, 10 St. Patrick's road South
Fitton, W., outporter, 7 Grove street
Fletcher, Joseph, mason, Victoria Cottage, 57 Clifton street
Fletcher, Mrs. A. A., 39 St. Andrew's road North
Fletcher,. Mr., 120 St. Andrew's road South
Fletcher, Mrs., Heyroyd, 40 North drive
Fletcher, Wm., behind Drive Wesleyan Church, South drive
Flanagan, J., sheet iron worker, 26 Nelson street
Flannery, Peter, labourer, 48 Nelson street
Flitcroft, J. T., F.C.O., L.R.A.M., Lighthouse, Riley avenue
Forbes, G., florist, Brightstone, 34 North drive
Ford, C. P., Sand Garth, 26 Victoria road
Ford, J. T., farmer, Layton Hawes Farm, Fold lane
Ford, Frank M., Beach Field, 6 South drive
Foreman, W., boot and shoe repairer, Nelson street
Forth, Isaac, Summerfield Lodge, St. Annes road East
foster, F., stoker, 27 St. Andrew's road North
Foster, Mr., porter, 7 Nelson street
Foster, Mrs. F., Merivale, South drive
Fox, D. S., Oaks Cottage, Rossendale road
Fox, F. W., journalist, 14a Park road
Fox, J., engineer, 45 St. Andrew's road North
Fox, Miss K., private nursing home, Nelson House, Victoria road
Fradley, W. J., commercial traveller, 8 St. Alban's road East
Frances, Mrs., The Poplars, Church
Fulstow, Miss, Trevone, South drive
Fulstow, Miss, The High School, North promenade
Fylde Water Board Offices, Oxford avenue