Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Dain, T. R., cashier, Briarwood, 18 Victoria road
Dairy and Cafe, Orchard road. Proprietor : H. Fisher
Dalton, Mr., The Nook, 27 All Saints' road
Daltry, John E., joiner, Hawthorne, 159 Church road
Daly, Dr. S., surgeon, The Dunes, 113 St. Andrew's road South
Damadian, Mrs., Beech Villa, Cartmell road
Dandy, W. B., tailor, 20 Orchard road
Daniels, C. R., Brierfield, 12 St. George's road
Daniels, Mrs., Moss Leigh, St. Annes road East
Darnborough, Jo., watchmaker and jeweller, 7 Garden street
Darrah, Joseph, master printer, Strathallan, 41 Derbe road
Davenport, J. F., L.C.P., Kilgrimol School for boys, South drive
Davenport, H., Sandycroft, 90 Orchard road
Davies, G. W. , baker, 122 Clifton street
Davies, James, Shoemaker, 11 Springfield road
Davies, Miss, Westlands, South Promenade
Davies, Mrs., ice cream manufacturer, The Denes, 10, St. Andrew's road S
Davies S. & Son, coal and coke and lime merchants, and general contractors, 5 Station Yard. Residences : 10 and 31 St. Andrew's road South
Davies W., coal merchant, 31 St. Andrew's road S
Dawson, J., chimney sweeper, 3 Nelson street
Dawson, J., postman, 6 Grove street
Dawson, Miss, Nether Lees, 50 Orchard road
Dawson, The Misses, Cornubia, 13 Derbe road
Dawson, Mrs., 33, St. Andrew's . road South
Dawson Robert, cycle maker and repairer, 18 Garden street. Residence : Alexandria Drive
Dean, Leonard Heslop, solicitor, Wyncote, 8 Queen's road
Dean, The Misses, Grasmere, 6 All Saints' road
Dearden, Mrs., Daisy Bank, 45 Lightburne avenue
Deighton, Mrs., Rostrevor, 29 North drive
Dennison, Wm., cycle dealer and repairer, 1 Sydney street. Residence : 26 St. Annes road E.
Denton, Mr., gardener, 15 Cross street
Dewhirst, F., hairdresser and tobacconist, 20 North crescent
Dewhirst, Thomas, labourer, 108 Clifton street
Dick's, boot and shoe dealers, 6 West Crescent
Dickin and Barker, art needlework depot, 4 West crescent
Dickinson, E., plasterer, Elder Cottage, 38 Clifton street
Dickinson, Mrs. E., 89 St. Andrew's road South
Diggle, D., Hopwood, 7 St.Leonard's road
Dilworth, Robert, 40 Clifton street
Disley, Mrs., 27 Park road
Dixon, J. C., traveller, Sunnyfylde, St. Annes road East
Doan, S., 69 Church road
Dobson, Mrs., 31 Nelson street
Dodd, John, South Leigh, 1 St. Leonard's road
Donaldson, John, 5, St. Annes road East. Apartments
Dormy House, Links Gate. Care-taker: T. Ward
Drinkwater, -E., labourer, 92 Church road
Drinkwater, John, plasterer, 94 Church road
Drinkwater, Samuel, bricklayer, 107 Church road
Drinkwater's Belfast Linen Warehouse, Tower Buildings, Blackpool
Drive Wesleyan Church, South drive. Pastor : Rev. F. J. Harvey. Caretaker: Wm. Fletcher
Dronsfield, W., Netherleigh, 32 North drive
Drury, Ernest, High Croft, 15 Queen's road
Duckers, James, Westwood, 29 Wood street
Duckworth & Co., drapers, 20 St. Annes road W
Duckworth, Frank, merchant, Heath Field, St. Annes road E.
Duckworth, J., plumber, 11 Garden street
Duckworth, James, Ltd., grocers, 23 North Crescent.
Duckworth, John, bootmaker, Sandhurst, 58 Lightburne avenue
Duckworth, Miss, Westleigh, 8 All Saints' road
Duckworth, Taylor, caretaker, Ivy Cottage, 30 Clifton street
Duckworth, Thos., Cornbrook, South drive
Duckworth, Thos., Fearnslea, 92 St. Annes road East
Duckworth, W., joiner and builder, Grasmere House, 97 St. Alban's road East
Duckworth, W. & E., joiners, behind No. 5 St. Andrew's road S.
Duer, Alfred, Alanholme, 54 Park road
Duerr, Fred, Eversley, St. Annes road East
Duerr, George, 37 Alexandra road
Dugdale, Fred, Wimborne, South drive
Dumvill, Mrs. H., Holme Leigh, 17 Alexandra road
Dunkerley, James, engineer, Ingledene, 1 Lightburne avenue
Dunlop, Miss, Inglewood, 5 Derbe Road
Durden, S., 7 Osborne road
Durkin, P., gas stoker, 103 Church road
Dutton, Rowland, commission agent,
Duxbury, John, shipping merchant, Winsleigh, 5 North drive
Duxbury, Mr., baker and confectioner, 3 West crescent
Dyson, G. A., painter, 34 Albert road
Dyson, J. E., Newlands, 11 St. David's road North
Dyson, Miss, Ferndene, 8 South Drive
Dyson, Robert, ticket collector, 31 :Alexandra road