Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Hacking, Misses, 10 St. George's road
Hadnum, J., painter and decorator, 125 St. Alban's road East
Hall's upholsterers' workshop, Back St. Annes road West
Hall, Adam, Spring Field, St. Annes road West
Hall, F., The Cottage, 19 Clifton street
Hall, Miss, and Fulstow, Miss, St. Annes High School for Girls, North Promenade
Hall, G., 57 Park road
Hall, G. H., house furnisher, Holmleigh, 71 Park road
Hall, John & Son, furnishers, 16 St. Annes road West
Hall, Miss, Trevone, South Drive
Hall, Misses, Montauban Preparatory School for Boys, 1 South Drive
Hall, Mrs., 23 Clifton street
Hall, Mrs., Gothic House, 11 All Saints' road
Hall, Robert, farmer, Headroomgate Farm, Headroomgate road
Hall & Son, coal merchants, 2 Station yard
Hall, W. J., coal merchant, Winvernell, 44 All Saints' road
Hallam, E., clerk, 4 Lime Grove
Hallam, Jas., agent, 59 St. Andrew's road North
Halliday, Miss, Irlam Villa, St. Andrew's road South
Halliwell & Dawson, art needlework depot, 21 Orchard road. Residence : Nether Lees, 52 Orchard road
Halliwell, A., Lilly Bank, 6 Alexandra road
Halstead, Hy., cotton manufacturer,
Hutch Bank, 23 Glen Eldon road
Halstead, Mrs. & Miss, Fern Bank, 11 Richmond road. Apartments
Halstead, Thos., 65 St. Andrew's road North
Hamer, Harry, labourer, 9 Nelson street
Hamer, Mrs. A. A., Oakley, 107 St. Andrew's road South
Hamilton, J., brickmaker, Whitewood, 149 St. Andrew's road South
Hampson, J. R., Church Croft, Headroomgate road
Hanaway, D.', plumber, 106 Clifton street
Handley, Miss, la St. Andrew's road South
Hanson, David, Altidore, St. Annes road East
Hanson, Mrs., Egerton, 25 All Saints' road
Hanson, Mrs., Roseleigh, 11 Light- borne avenue
Hardie, Mrs., Glenoe, Glen Eldon road
Hardman, Ben, window cleaner, 72 St. Alban's road East
Hardman, John, labourer, 119 Church road
Hardman, J. W., chemist, 4 St. Andrew's road South
Hardman, T. A., chimney sweep, 49 St. Andrew's road North
Hargreaves, A., machinist, 47 St.Andrew's road North
Hargreaves, A. A., builder, Lea Hurst, 12 St. Patrick's road South
Hargreaves, E., Southdene, 47 Glen Eldon road
Hargreaves, E., gasworks manager, 9 Cross street
Hargreaves, Frank, 5 Springfield road
Hargreaves, R., antique dealer and french polisher, 18 and 9a, St. Andrew's road South. Residence : 16 Wood street
Hargreaves, R., stonemason, 41 St. Andrew's road North
Hargreaves, Marsden W., sharebroker, 31 Orchard road
Hargreaves, J. H., A.R.I.B.A., architect, Ivy Dene, 4 St. Annes road East
Hargreaves, Mrs. E., Park Gate, 33 South promenade. Apartments.
Hargreaves, Mrs. , 3 Balmoral rd.
Hargreaves, Mrs., Mytton House, 50 Orchard road
Hargreaves, Mrs., milliner, 22 North crescent
Hargreaves, Mrs., 13 Kilnhouse lane
Hargreaves, Mrs., The Elms, 91 St. Andrew's road South
Hargreaves, Mrs., Roche House, 3 Victoria road
Harker, J. D., architect, 16 St. George's road
Harris, Mrs., The Glynnes, 42 Wood street
Harrison, John,. gentleman, Hollyrood, 43 Derbe road
Harrison, J. A., Cransmoor, 63 Orchard road
Harrison, J. R., architect and surveyor, 79 Park road
Harrison, Martha and Elizabeth, Eastbourne, 20 Church road
Harrison, Miss, Riversleigh, 32 South drive
Harrison, Mr., 5 Nelson street
Harrison, Mrs., 10 St. Alban's road
Harrison, Robert, fisherman, 43 Church road
Harrison, T., fisherman, 59 Church road
Harrop, F., fruiterer and florist, 13 St. Andrew's road South
Harrop, J. W., 4 Lightburne avenue
Harrop, F. G., bank manager, Woodlands, St. Annes road East
Harrop, Mrs., Ye Retreat, Church road
Harrop, Walter, 15 South drive
Hartley, Charles, fire insurance inspector, Mandalay, 5 Lightburne avenue
Hartley, Edwin, Lytham road
Hartley, James, cotton manufacturer, Silver Nook, 25 Glen Eldon road
Hartley, Miss and Green Mrs., Newholme, 27 Fairhaven road
Hartley, Wilfred, cabman, 4 Stephen street
Harvey, Jesse, tanner, Cloverley, St. Armes road East
Harvey , Rev. E. J., Wesleyan
Minister, 20 St. George's road
Harwood, Robt., Reval, St. Annes road East
Haslam, Mrs., 3 Park road
Haslewood, W. A., bank clerk,
Heathfield, 7 Richmond road
Hatton-Ellis, J. A., May Bank, 51 North drive
Hawkard, George, carter, The
Briars, 9 St. Alban's road West
Haworth, Robert, Oak Mount, 20 St. Andrew's road South
Hayes, John, merchant, Hazeldene, Glen Eldon road (off Lord street)
Hayley, Mrs., Waverley, 42 All Saints' road
Heap, Albert, grocer's manager, Greens Nook, Church road
Heap, Frank, joiner, Brook House, 51 St. Andrew's road South
Heap, H.W., joiner and builder, 55 St. Andrew's road South
Heap, Mrs. J., 49 St. Andrew's road ,South
Heap, W., contractor, Oakroyd, 57 Orchard road
Heath, Mrs., Wigston Villa, 132 St. Andrew's road South
Heaton, J. T., Annville, South drive
Heathcote, Frank, joiner, 24 Hope street
Helliwell, Misses, S. & E., Rose Cottage, 17 St. David's road S.
Henry, Rev. S., assistant curate, St. Thomas' Church, Thomond, 24 All Saints' road
Heptinstall, G., gardener, Edale, 31 St. Alban's road East
Herdman, Miss, Stoney Croft, Alexandra road
Herald, Benjamin, medical student, Barbara Villas, 10 Annes road East
Hesketh, Colonel, St. Olaves, Victoria road
Hesketh, John, farmer, Kilnhouse lane
Hesketh, J. 0., Lytham road
Hesketh, Robt., 46 Nelson street
Hexter, Francis, 32 Church road
Hayes, John, joiner, Tree Cross, 12 Alexandra road
Heywood, E. S., painter and decorator, 5 Park road
Heyworth, Charles, bricklayer, 151 Church road
Hey worth, F., photographer, Rockery, St. Andrew's road South
Heyworth, John, mason, Westville, 18 Church road
HibbersOn, J. R., 29 St. Andrew's road North
Hibbert, Miss M., 47 St. Andrew's road South
Hickson, J. H., gardener, 82 Ball's road
Hickson & Son, gardeners, Monsall Villas, 67 St. Andrew's road South
Hickson, W., gardener, 19 Nelson street
Higgins, C. A., manufacturer,
Moorside, Westby road
Higgins, J. H., brickmaker, The Cottage, Crossland road
Higgins, Mrs., Clifton Private Hotel, South promenade
High School (Girls), North Promenade. Principals: Miss Hall and Miss Fulstow
Higham, A. E., manufacturer,
Sandon Place, 1 North drive
Higham, T. E., cotton spinner, Wood Nook, 1 St. George's square
Higham, Walter, manufacturer, Colunio, North drive
Higson Henry, cotton manufacturer, Ogmore, 6 St. George's road
Hilditch, Miss, Sandycove, 28 Lightburne avenue
Hildreth, Miss, Denehurst, 18 Oxford avenue
Hill, A., joiner, Genesta, 13, Lightburne avenue
Hill, Fred, Thorn Hill, 8 Beach rd.
Hill, Harold, plasterer, 30 Kilnhouse lane
Hill, Miss, Sunnyside, 15 St. Alban's road East
Hill, Mrs., 12 Richmond road
Hill, Mrs., Lyndhurst, 31 North drive
Hilton, Chas., boot & shoe maker, 54 Church road
Hilton, F., estate agent, 10 St. George's square
Hilton, Mrs., Arncliffe, 12 Balmoral road
Hilton, Mrs. A., Ellesmere House, 21 St. David's road South
Hilton & Son, auctioneers and estate agents, St. Annes road West
Hind, A. S., confectioner, Alexandria drive. Residence : 24 Derbe road
Hindle, Enoch A., gas fitter, Gas Works Cottages, 203 St. David's road North
Hindle, Ernest, cab driver, Aysgarth, 22 Wood street
Hoare, C. G. D., Lawrence House School, Links gate
Hodge, Harry, coachman, 148 St. Alban's road East
Hodge, James, labourer, 76 Church road
Hodge, Joseph, plasterer, 136 Clifton street
Hodge, Mrs., 20 Nelson street
Hodge, R., 82 Church road
Hodgetts, W. A., bookstall manager, 47 Kilnhouse lane
Hodgkinson, Samuel, hosiery manufacturer, Balgownie, Links gate
Hoey, Mrs., Holly Bank, 6 Richmond road
Holland, Mrs., 11 St. Leonards road
Holliday, Mrs., 61 Lightburne avenue
Hollingworth, Edward, butcher, Naples Cottage, Rossendale rd.
Hollingworth, Ed., Sandy Croft, 42 Leach lane
Holloway, Mrs., R. J., Grand Hotel, South promenade
Hollows, F., grocer, 62 Church road
Hollows, Fred, confectioner, 40a St. Andrew's road South
Hollows, Joshua, Rock Avon, 51 Clifton street
Hollows, J. H., outporter, Brooklands, 56 St. Alban's road East ,
Holmes & Co., photographers, 18 Orchard road -
Holmes, George, carter, Heyhouses
Holmes, R., fruiterer, 13 Orchard road
Holroyd, T., butcher, 2 St. Andrew's road South. Residence : Kilgrimol Cottage, St. Annes road East
Holt, John, Harrop Villas, Headroomgate road
Holt, Miss C., Wrenwood, 62 St. Andrew's road South
Holt, Mrs., 10 Glen Eldon road
Holt, Mrs., Freshfield, Cartmell road
Holt, W. T., accountant, 8 St. Patrick's road South
Hooley, A., bOOt repairer, St. David's road South. Residence : 2 Sidney street
Hope, Mrs., 12 Albert road Hopgood, J., machinist, Nether Wood, 16 Leach lane
Hopwood & Co., joiners and builders, Ivy, Glen Eldon road
Hornby, J. T., St. Alban's road cafe, 140 St. Alban's road East
Hornby, R. L., gas stoker, 200 St.David's road North
Hornby, Thomas, road foreman, St. Andrew's road North
Horne, C., costumier, 11 Orchard road
Horne, Mrs., 9 Glen Eldon road
Horrocks, A. & J., drapers and dressmakers, 7 St. David's road South
Horsfall, P. H., .67 Park road Hough, R., Olivine, St. Annes road East
Houlding, James, St. Annes road East
Hoult, Mrs., draper, 18 Park road
Houseman, Jas., tailor, 18 St. Al-ban's road East
Houseman, Mrs., 18 St. Alban's road East
Howard, Miss, Kingscote, 74 Park road
Howard, Misses, The Cottage, Cartmell road
Howarth, E., house furnisher, 19 North crescent
Howarth, E., Richmond House, 39
St. Andrew's road South Howarth, F., commercial traveller, 5 Ashley road
Howarth, Geo., joiner, 69 St. Andrew's, road North
Howarth, John, Holme Bank, 12 Derbe road
Howarth, John, solicitor, Ryburn, 4 Beach road
Howarth, J. T., cabinet maker, Ingle Nook, Westby road
Howarth, Robert, 10 Lime grove
Howarth, T., plasterer, Daisy Bank, 150 St. Alban's road E.
Howarth, Wm., carter, 58 Church road
Howe, A. E., golf groundsman, 3 Grove street
Howe, Rev. A. E., Thornhill, 40 Wood street
Howe, Mr., Stamford Villa, Devonshire road
Howell, Mrs., Waves Crest, 48 Lightburne avenue
Howes, Edward, 10 Kilnhouse lane
Howes, H. J., Dilkoosh, 14 Victoria road
Howes, Edward, Minavon, 91 St. Alban's road East
Hoyle, A. L., grocer's manager, 72 Clifton street
Hoyle, Frederick; 5 Glen Eldon road
Hoyle, J. R., grocer's manager, 66 . Clifton street
Hoyle, Miss, Olive House, St.Annes road East
Hoyle, Richard, Longholme, St.. Annes road Fast
Hoyland, F., tinplate worker, 13 Cross. street
Huddlestone, Misses, Prince's Gate, 47 South promenade
Hudson, Miss, Sunnyside, 15 St. Alban's road East
Huggins, Henry, Clovelly, 10 York road
Hughes, F., auctioneer & estate agent; Thornhill, 40 Wood street
Hughes, Thomas, postman, 110 Clifton street
Hughes, W. H. & Sons, auctioneers, valuers and estate agents, 15 St. Annes road West
Hull, John, contractor, 1 Ashley road
Hull, Miss M. A., Sandy Mount, 47 Lightburne avenue
Hulme, Miss, Clauda House, 11c Fairhaven road
Humber, J. H., Myerscough House, Links gate
Hunt & Co., central linen warehouse, 16 Park road. Residence : Farnsdale, 80 Orchard road
Hunt, James, labourer, Gas Works Cottages, 207 St. David's road North
Hunter, Mrs., The Laurels, 39 North drive
Hunter, T., cafe, 50a St. Annes road West
Hurst, G., engine tenter, 19 Cross street
Hutchinson, Mrs., Trentham, 136 St. Andrew's road South
Hyde, Ralph; Westwood, 46 Leach lane
Hyslop, Wm., 99 Church road