Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Tasker, Miss, Glenholme, 26 All Saints' road
Tate, Mrs., 74 St. Alban's road E
Tattersall, B., blacksmith, Hey-houses
Tattersall, Geo., joiner, Laburnum Cottage, 19 St. David's road S
Tattersall, J. H., bookkeeper, Redcliffe, Westby road
Tattersall, J. H., Daisy Hill, 45 Orchard road
Tattersall, J. J., wheelwright, 41 Clifton street
Tattersall, Mrs., Lennon House, Stanley road
Taylor, E., grocer and provision dealer, 86 Church road
Taylor, Geo., butcher, 14 Orchard road
Taylor, H., window cleaner, 51 Nelson street
Taylor, J., labourer, 50 Albert road
Taylor, Jas., cloth merchant, Min-y-don, 5 York road
Taylor, J., Wood Side Villas, Lytham road
Taylor, John, Brentwood, 60 St. Alban's road East
Taylor, J. H., chymist, St. Annes road West
Taylor, J. H., 8 Grove street
Taylor, J. R., milliner and costumier, 8 and 6 Garden street
Taylor, Mr., 8 Balmoral road
Taylor, Miss, Sandyholme, 42 Lightburne avenue
Taylor, Miss, Monisfield, 15 Park road
Taylor, Miss, Sutton House, 37 St. Andrew's road South
Taylor, Miss M. L., stationer, etc., Sub-Post Office, Alexandria drive
Taylor, Mrs., 8 Kilnhouse lane
Taylor, Mrs. M., 2 Nelson street
Taylor, Mrs. S. M., Brentor, 48 Wood street
Taylor, Mrs. W., Ravensmere, 33 North drive
Taylor, P. H., linotype operator, 4 Hope street
Taylor, Wm., manufacturer, Irthington, 9 St. Thomas' road
Taylor, W. & Co., grocers, 58 St. Annes road West
Tavare, The Misses, Kersall, 33 Fairhaven road
Tebay, Miss A., head schoolmis-tress, 4 Kilnhouse lane
Technical School, South drive
Tetlow, Mrs., Sharon House, 3 Derbe road
The Wineries (Regd.), 30 North Crescent. Manager : G. Wood
Thomas, Alderson, Villafranca, 25 St.Annes road East
Thomas, Geo., carriage proprietor, 12 Clifton street
Thomas, G. H., cabdriver, 100 Clifton street
Thomas, J., cotton merchant, Louisville, 29 Fairhaven road
Thomas, Miss, and Mrs. Poskitt, The Laund, 1 Albert road
Thomas, Mrs., 74 Church road
Thompson, Basil, Sandy Knoll School (Boys), 6 and 8 North Promenade
Thompson, Geo.. tailor and outfitter, 24 North Crescent
Thompson, Geo., labourer, 71 Church road
Thompson, Miss, Sandgate, 47 North Drive
Thompson, Miss. C. M., Kindersheim, 49 Lightburne avenue
Thompson, Mr., sawyer, 14 Hope street
Thompson, Mrs., Laurania, 39 South promenade
Thompson, Mrs., Cumberland House, 130 St. Andrew's road S
Thompson, the Misses, 2 St. Patrick's road North
Thompson, Wm., Whytecliffe, 45 North Drive
Thomson, Allan, stock and share broker, Redcliffe, 11 Victoria road
Thornber, Richard, Rossendale road
Thornes, W., Monterosa, 126 St. Andrew's road South
Thornley, C. E., traveller, Ruskin House, 51 Lightburne avenue
Thorpe, Misses, Kingsclere, 30 Derbe road
Thorpe, Wm., agent, The Braes, 8 St. Patrick's road North
Thursby Convalescent Home, North Drive
Tims, Mrs., 106 Church road
Tinsdale, Geo., chauffeur, Thornfield, 93 St. Alban's road East
Tiplady, Walter, grocer and fruiterer, 6 St. David's road S
Tipping, W., railway porter, 31 St.Andrew's road North
Titmas, Chas., 59 Park road
Todd, Mrs., Ramleh, 78 Park road
Todd, Mrs., 66 Park road
Toder, W. A., 56 Park road
Tollervey, W. J. R., 7 St. Annes road East
Tomlinson, J. and W., coal merchants, 1 Station yard
Tomlinson, L., roadman, Rossendale road
Tomlinson, Mr., 72 Ball's road
Tomlinson, Mrs., 36 Nelson street
Tomlinson, Richard, farmer, Heyhouses
Tong, Miss, East View, 22 St. Patrick's road South
Tootall, Richard, electrician, Willow Dene, 30b St. David's road South
Tootell, Misses, confectioner, 18 St. Annes road West
Topham, Chas. , newsagent and tobacconist and stationer, 11 St. Andrew's road South
Towler, W., sadler and portmanteau maker, 12 Park road
Town's Yard, St. Andrew's road N
Townsend, Jas., 79 Church road
Trafford, Jos., blacksmith, 77 Church road
Trafford and Tattersall, wheelwrights and blacksmiths. Workshop off St. David's road South
Travar-Forbes, Mr., 11 Osborne road
Trickett, A., boot and shoe maker, 21 North Crescent. Workshop : back St. David's road South
Trickett, P. A., corn and flour merchant, Stanley road. Residence : Hawthorne, Headroomgate road
Trickett, H. W., slipper manufacturer, Merlewood, 54 North Drive
Truscott, J., grocer and confectioner, St. Alban's road East
Tuke, Miss, The Hydro., Orchard road
Tullis, Misses, 1 Osborne road
Tunnicliffe, Miss, Rock House, 41 South promenade
Turner, Francis, draper, St. Annes road West
Turner, John, coachman, 18 Nelson street
Turner, Miss, Kendalmere, 3 St. Annes road East. Apartments
Turner, T., agent to the Prudential Co., Ltd., Fir Tree, 28 St. Andrew's road South
Turner and Brown, Ltd., concrete slab makers, North Drive
Turnbull, T. S., solicitor, The Woodlands, 133 St. Andrew's road South
Tweedale, Mrs., Beech Hurst, St. Annes road East
Twigg, R., window cleaner, Kirkdale Villas, 3 Kirkdale avenue
Tyman, Mr., 5 Lime Grove
Tyson, Miss, 71 Orchard road