Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Paddon, J. G., Heath Bank, Westby road
Padmore, W., 14 Church road Palmer, Jas., 36 St. Alban's road East
Palmer, Miss, 208 St. David's road North
Palmer, Miss, Ensleigh, 23 South drive
Parish Church, St. Annes road East Vicar : Rev. H. E. Butler
Parish Mission Room, Orchard road
Parker, J., butcher, 14 St. David's road South
Parker, Mrs., 13 St. Leonard's road
Parker, T., joiner, 26 Clifton street
Parkin, Tom, ironfounder, Greystones, 24 St. George's road
Parker, W., builder and contractor, 13 Nelson street
Parkes, G. W., 9 St. George's square
Parkinson, Miss G., 95 St. Alban's road East
Parkinson, Mrs., Ivy, The Poplars, Church road
Parkinson, T., cabinet maker, Harrop Villas, Headroomgate road
Parr, Wm., station master, 1 Glen Eldon road
Parr, Wm., fitter, Sunny Side, 22 Leach lane
Parry, D., plasterer, Ivy Cottage, 71 St. Andrew's road North
Parry, D. E., commercial traveller, Lansdowne, 30 Park road
Partington, F., contractor, The Croft, Lytham road
Partington, Harold, artist, The Brambles, Ball's road
Partington, John, Woodhey, St. Annes road East
Partington, Miss, Musbury, 6 Lightburne avenue
Parton, H. E., 54 Clifton street
Patrick, John, groom, Fern Lea, 23 Alexandra road
Patten, Mr., 6 St. Patrick's road South
Patterson, P. M., L.D.S., R.C.S. Eng., dental surgeon, Bencorrum, 22 South drive
Pattirson, G. E., 32 Albert road
Pearse, Mrs., 29 Lightburne avenue
Pearson, J., painter and decorator, 12 North crescent
Pearson, J., blacksmith. Workshop : Off St. David's road S.
Pearson, James, labourer, 46 Clifton street
Pearson, John, blacksmith, 72 Church road
Pearson, John, farmer, Kilnhouse lane
Pearson, Misses, Osborne House, 21 St. Annes road East
Pearson, T., slater, 38 Nelson street
Pearson, W., joiner, 41 Nelson street
Peel, Mrs. R., Chesham, 2 St. George's road
Pemberton, E. M., Heathcroft, 32 All Saints' road
Pendlebury, Chas., tailor & outfitter, Mayfield, 34 Church road
Pendrick, Mrs., 9 Lime grove
Penlington, S., architect, 12 Stephen street
Pennington, John Edward, fire brigade superintendent, Fairview, 9 South drive
Pennington, T. H., postman, The Craig, 47 Park road
Perkins, Misses, Lynton, 24 Lightburne avenue
Petrie, Mrs., 76 Orchard road
Pettigrew, Miss J., Byron House, 41 Orchard road
Phillips, T., 37 Nelson street
Pickard, Mrs., 64 Clifton street
Picken, L., Clovelly, 29 Orchard road
Pickering, Miss, West Bank, 45 Derbe road
Pickett, Isaac, gardener, 11 Kilnhouse lane
Pickford, A. B., commercial traveller, Cambridge Villa, 44 Lightburne avenue
Pickup, F., manufacturer, Oak Villa, 13 Wood street
Pickup, Geo., architect, South View, Westby road
Pickup, Herbert, joiner, 143 Church road
Pickup, Miss, Eden Field, 20 Leach Lane
Pickup, Mrs., 22 St. David's road South
Pickup, Mrs., Elm Cottage, 26 St. Patrick's road South
Pickup, Mrs., Haslingden House, 38 St. Alban's road East
Pickup, Mrs. E., Jessamine Cottage, 60 St. Andrew's road S.
Pierpoint, J. P., tanner, Coburg House, 15 Derbe road
Pilcher, Miss, Ripley, 39 Derbe road
Pilkington, Wm., 48 Albert road
Pilling, A. P., tripe dealer, 10 St. David's road South
Pilling, Mrs. E., 67 Church road
Plant, Mrs., Rose Bank, 2 Richmond road
Plant, Mrs. and Miss, Sea View, 9 East Bank road
Plant, Thomas, photographer, 3 Alexandra road
Plymouth Brethren, Meeting Room, 6a Park road
Police Station, St. Andrew's road North. Resident Sergeant : W. H. Marsden. Resident P.C.: R. Batchelor.
Pollard, T., window cleaner and carpet beater, 67 St. Andrew's road North
Pomfret, Mrs., 5 South drive
Poole, Mrs., Rydal Mount, 13 East Bank road
Poole, Wm., 95 Clifton street
Porritt, H. J., Walmer, 4 St. George's road
Porritt & Sons, builders, North drive
Porter, John, 50 Church road
Porter, Mrs. F., Heyhouses
Porter, Dr. Thomas, M.B., 2 South drive
Pothecary, Mrs., 56 Church road
Potter, John, cotton manufacturer, York House, Headroomgate road
Powell, E. W., tailor, 28a St. Annes road West
Pownall, Mrs., Sherwood, 8 Victoria road
Preston, J., plumber & electrician, 15 St. Andrew's road South
Preston, Thomas, Ravens Holme, Bromley road
Prestwich, J., Busk, St. Annes road East
Price; Albert E., commercial traveller, The Priory, St. Annes road East
Price, Joseph, caddy master, 69 Clifton street
Priestley, Mrs. E., Kirk Lynton, 19 St. Alban's road East
Pringle, Thomas, Brighton Villa, 7 All Saints' road
Prophet, Miss, 53 Park road
Proctor, Miss M., Mayfield Villa, 19 Wood street
Proctor, Thos., gardener, Fair-Lea, 36 Church road
Procter, W. E., sanitary engineer, 34 Leach lane
Public Offices, South drive
Pye, Ernest A., cabinet maker, upholsterer and French polisher, Back St. Annes road West. Residence: Woodfield, Headroomgate road
Pye, J. B., architect, Woodfield, Headroomgate road
Pye, Mrs., Laytonville, 36 Park road