Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Macara, C. W., manufacturer, Ardmore, North Promenade
Macbeth, N., Dunallan, 3 St. George's Square
Machin, Miss, Sandown, 29 & 31 South Drive. Apartments
Mackie, Wm., Glenridding, Clarendon road
Mackley, Mrs., Stanley Villas, 36 St. Annes road East
Madders, Mr., Boscobel, 69 Orchard road
Maddocks, Ralph, Chaseley, 34 Park road
Maden, Mrs. L., Wimberg, 17 Glen Eldon road
Mager, Alfred Wm., late Governor of the Children's Home, Edgworth, Bolton. Stanmore, 11 Queen's road
Main, R., hairdresser and tobacconist, 8 West Crescent and 3 Garden street
Man, Mrs., Cedar Villa, 17 Wood street
Manley, Mrs., Dunedin, 4 Queen's road
Manchester Children's Hospital Convalescent Home, North Drive
Manchester and Salford Street Children's Mission Seaside Holiday Camp, North Drive
Manchester Sunday School Union Children's Holiday Home, Seabright House, Clifton Drive
Manchester and County Bank, Ltd. Manager : T. H. Halliwell, 24 St. Annes road West
Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co., Ltd. Manager : J. F. Knutton, 32 St. Annes road west
Mann, Misses, Queen's Gate, 32 Derbe road
Mark, Miss, Linden Hurst College, 19 South Promenade
Markland, T. W., Solicitor, Ingersley, Links Gate.
Marland, C. E., builder and contractor, Breeze Mount, 37 South Drive
Marland, Mrs. L., Sunny Side, 6 Albert road
Marland, W. H., joiner, Fairleigh, 49 Alexandra road
Marsden, Sergt., Police Station.
Marsh, J. T., gardener, Marsh Lea, 64 St. Alban's road East
Marsh, Mrs., Ravensdale, 12 Leach lane
Marshall, J. G., manager of Boots, Cash Chemists, Sandcroft, 17 Lime Grove
Marshall, Lewis, grocer, Rydal Mount, Glen Eldon road (off Lord street)
Marshall, Mrs., Claremont, 17 St. Alban's road East
Marsland, Mrs., Sandholme, Riley avenue
Marson, Misses, Selwyn House, 35 South Promenade
Martin, Mrs., Brooklands, 33 Oxford road
Martin, Richard, Romiley, 17 St. Leonard's road
Mason, F. W., canine expert, 37 Kilnhouse lane
Mason, George, Branksome, South Drive
Mason, Mrs., Beaufoy, 42 Park road
Masters, A., Sydenham, 59 Orchard road
Mather, Harold, accountant, Arniston, 39 South Drive
Mather, R., tailor and outfitter, 16 St. David's road South
Matthews, Edward, gamekeeper, Heyhouses
Matthews, J. A., Rudstone, North Drive
Matthews, T., gamekeeper, Hey-houses
Matthews & Ratcliffe, painters and decorators, 21 St. Andrew's road South
Maude, John, Ivy Bank, 44 Park road
Maxwell, Wm., joiner, 85 Clifton street
Mayes, George, ice cream vendor, 93 St. Alban's road East
Mayes, J. W., painter, Spring Field, 89 Clifton street
Maypole Dairy Co., 5 West Cres-cent
McCann, E. M., gent's outfitter, 12 St. Annes road West
McCappin, A., Appindale, Kensington road
McCarthy Denis, tailor, 80 Clifton street
McDonough, Geo., postman, 20 Albert road
McFadden, Martin, labourer, May Bank, Alexandra road
McFadden, Mrs., 128 Clifton street
McLellan, John, gardener, 155 Church road
McNamara, Miss, Southbourne, 35 South Drive
Mead, Daniel, Sunnyfielde, Riley avenue
Mead, Francis, tailor, Rose Villa, 32 St. Andrew's road South
Meadowcroft, Mrs., 10 Church road
Melling, Harry, fisherman, 61 Church road
Melling, Mrs., 35 Church road
Melling, R., gas stoker, 204 St. David's road North
Mellor, Mrs., 17 Park road
Menzies, Wm., Pine Villa, 34 St. Andrew's road South
Merrall, Dr. H., M.B., surgeon, Monterey, 7 North Drive
Metcalf, George, gardener, The Laurels, 6 Stephen street
Metz, Herbert, window cleaner 140 Clifton street
Middleton, Richard, bricklayer, Heaton Villa, 41 St. Andrew's road South
Middlebrook, John, Fairfield, 68 Ball's road
Midgley, C. W., Mayfield, 61 Clif-ton street
Midgley, J. H., 77 St. Alban's road East
Midgley, Thomas, Waratah, St. Andrew's road South
Miller, Arthur, yarn salesman, Tre-valyn, 77 Park road
Miller, J., commercial traveller, 3 St. David's road North
Miller, Jacob, plasterer and cab proprietor, 29 Church road
Miller, Mary Ann and Eliza, Billinge, 5 Fairhaven road
Miller, Mr., waiter, 139 Church road
Miller, Mrs. A., Highfield, 19 Alexandra road
Miller, Ormond, verger and sexton, St. Annes Parish Church, 46 Church road
Miller, T., and Pennington, G. E., Norbreck, 34 Orchard road
Milligan, T., San Remo, 69 St.Alban's road East
Millington, Miss, artist, 4 West Crescent
Mills, k Vernal Mount, 33 Orchard road
Mills, Miss, Fern Leigh, 8 Derbe road
Mills, Mrs., Sherwood, 44 Leach lane
Mills, R., Mayfield, 4 Oxford avenue
Mills, Robt., labourer, 18 Albert road
Mitchell, A., grocer's manager, 4 Kirkdale avenue
Mitchell, F., musical instrument dealer, 7 West Crescent
Mitchell, John, mill owner, Glengarth, 11 York road
Mitchell, Thos., Waratah, 18 York road
Mitchison, John, 97 Church road
Moffitt, Wm., Ivanholme, 54 St. St. Alban's road East
Molyneux, Mrs., 118 Clifton street
Monaghan, J., builder, The Willows, 2 Lightburne avenue
Monk, John, Winckley Park road
Monnington, Misses, Bringewood, 25 and 38 Wood street
Monnington, R. C., M.D.,D.R.H.,Edin. Physician and surgeon Hargrave, St. Annes road East
Montgomery, J. J., confectioner, 8 Clifton street
Moore, Geo., cab driver, Leachfield, St. Alban's road West
Moore, H., joiner, 73 St. Andrew's road South
Moore, J. S., traveller, 9 Light-burne avenue
Moore, Mrs., Corrie Lea, 14 Derbe road
Moore, Mrs. Alice, Denewood, 64 St. Andrew's road South
Moorhouse, Edwin, Rylands' representative, Elverstone, 49 Glen Eldon road
Moorhouse, G., tobacconist, 14 Park road. Residence: 55 Park road
Moorhouse, Herbert, Lytham road
Moorhouse, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, Arnfield, Headroomgate road
Moorhouse, Mrs., Maythorn, 7 Derbe road
Moorhouse, Mrs. C., 15 Kilnhouse lane
Morello, Francis A., Cintra, 65 Park road
Morgan, W., painter, 22 Hope street
Morris, Mary, Meifod,23 All Saints' road
Morris, M. T., schoolmaster, Starr Bank, Riley avenue
Morris, Nathan, Sandhills, South Drive
Morton, G. W. H., Lyndhurst, 24 Glen Eldon road
Morton, Mrs. A., Sandhurst, 11 St. Patrick's road South
Mosedale, Ward, gentleman, Silverleigh, 13 York road
Moseley, A., yarn agent, Daisy Mount, Bromley road
Muirhead, Thos., architect, Wood street. Residence : Kennerley, 31 Wood street
Mulliner, Mrs., Roseneath, Cartmell road
Murch, Miss, Thurlestone, 45 Glen Eldon road
Musgrave, C., watchmaker and jeweller, 4 Park road. Residence, 33, Alexandra road east