Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Lamb, Miss, Norwood, 13 St. Thomas' road
Lamb, T., grocer, 119 St. Alban's road east
Lambert, J. W., newsagent and stationer, 13 North Crescent
Lancashire, J. H., Macroom, South Drive
Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, Ltd., St Annes rd west. Manager : Mr. F.G.Harrop.
Landolt, Mrs., Zermatt, 10 All Saints' road
Latham, Mrs., 101 Church road
Laughton, J. W., Loughdene, St. David's road North
Law, Alice, 44 Albert road
Law, J. H., Eskdale, 123 St. Andrew's road South
Law, Herbert, solicitor, 9 St. Annes road East
Law, L., hairdresser and tobacconist, 123 St Alban's road East
Law, H. and W., solicitors, 4 Garden street
Lawrence, Rev. Eric A., Congregational Pastor, Dalehurst, 27 North Drive
Lawson, A., The Elms, 33 Park road
Lawson, Mrs. Mona, 9 All Saints' road
Lawson, R., furniture remover, Draythan, 11 St. Annes road East
Lawson, T. 0., French polisher, Back St. Annes road West. Residence : Oakleigh, Stephen street
Laycock, E. B., Postmaster, Rudding Mount, Wood street
Laycock, Mrs. Ellen, Belmont, South Drive
Laycock, Mrs., Duneside, South Promenade
Leach, Henry, grocer, 2 Alexandra road
Leach, I. E., stationer, Red Croft, 54 Orchard road
Leach, Miss, Gorsefield, Westby road
Leach, Miss, 23a North Crescent
Leadbetter, I , fishmonger and florist, 40 St. Annes road West
Leadbetter, Nicholas, fishmonger, 3 Lime Grove
Leadbetter, R., glass, china and earthenware dealer, 16 Orchard road. Residence : 12 Glen Eldon road
Leaf, Misses, Farley. 86 Orchard road
Learoyd, Miss, St. George's avenue .
Leake, Harold & Co., electricians, 5 Garden street. Residence: 23 St. Patrick's road South
Leaver, J., newsagent and stationer, St. Andrew's road south. Sub Post Office.
Lee, Ernest, coal merchant, Werneth, 75 Park road
Lees, grocers and confectioners, 46a St. Alban's road East
Lee, Edwin, Moss Bank, 26 Church road
Lee, Mrs. M. A., Mount Sorrell, 46 St. Alban's road East
Lee, Thomas, Glaslyn House, 67 St. Alban's road East
Lee, H. C., printer, South Clyne, 7 Lightburne avenue
Leeming, George, Lightburne Villa, 50 Lightburne avenue
Lefroy, Rev. H. M., Curate St. Annes Parish Church, Liblick Hut, Lord street
Leicester, Mrs., Ivy Villa, 6 Derbe road
Leigh, Richard, Craigmore, South Drive
Leigh, W. A., hank manager, 32 St. Annes road West
Lennol, J., 8 Sydney street
Lenthall, C. B., merchant, West Gate, 13 Balmoral road
Lewis, Miss, Sea View, 40 Lightburne Avenue
Lewis, Mrs., Stanley Villas, 34 St. Annes road East
Lewis, W., luggage carter, Cheadle House, Alexandra road
Liberal Club, Bank Chambers, Park road. Steward : E. Whitaker..
Liebert, George, merchant, Home Green, South Drive
Lifeboat House, East Bank road
Light, H. H., Senefelder House, Lord street
Lightbown, T., coal agent, Whalley House, St. Andrew's road North
Lilly, J., merchant, Highfield, 48 North Drive
Lindley, Mrs., St. Ninians, 21 Glen Eldon road
Lindley, Wm. C., engineer, Sea View House, Cartmell road
Lindsay, H., Ecclerigg, Cartmell road
Lingford, J. C., L.D.S.Eng., dentist, 35 St. Andrew's road South
Linock, R., commercial traveller, Willowdene, 30 Glen Eldon road
Lloyd, Mr., chauffeur, 49 Kilnhouse lane
Lloyd, W., Rosslevan, 17 Victoria road
Locke, H. Macbeth, Professor of Music, Silvermead, 8 St. George's road
London City and Midland Bank, St. Annes road West. Manager : Mr. J. E. King.
Long, A., outporter, The Laurels, Church road
Longstaffe, Joseph, Leach Farm Dairy, 13 St. David's road South
Lomax, Mrs. C., Northleigh, 22 North Promenade. Apartments
Lomax, Mrs., StOneleigh, 20 North Promenade
Lonsdale and Sons, accountants, Bank Chambers, Park road
Lonsdale, R., fent merchant, Rudheath, 60 Orchard road
Lonsdale, E., solicitor, Bank Chambers, Park road
Lonsdale, Herbert, Arosa, 62 Park road
Lord, Miss, Westholme, 25 South Drive
Lord, Thos., Elmside, 12 St. Andrew's road South
Lord, Mrs., 83 Church road
Lord, J. A., flour salesman, Belfield, 13 Victoria road
Lord, T. W., joiner, Church road
Lord, George, builders' merchant, Hazlewood, 2 St. Patrick's road South
Lord, J. 23 St. Annes road East
Lord, Mrs., Roach House, 22 Lightburne Avenue
Lowe, George, golf club maker, 29 St. Andrew's road South
Lowe, Miss, Wentworth House School, 19 Fairhaven road
Lloyd, Mrs., Glen Avon, 34 St.David's road South
Lowe, Misses, Clarendon House, 17 South Promenade
Lucas, Miss, Rose Dell, 87 St. Andrew's road South
Luckman, Mrs. E. J., Glenfield, 68 St. Andrew's road South
Lund, John, shipping merchant, East Bank, 18 St. Annes road East
Lyon, Mrs., 46 Orchard road Lytham and St. Annes Golf Club,
Links Gate. Secretary : T. Pym Williamson. Steward : Charles Milne
Lythgoe, Mrs. T., Morningside Villas, St. Annes road East
Lythgoe, N., machinist, Moss Lea, 23 St. Alban's road East
Lytton Sylvester, Rylston, St.Annes road East