Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Raby Miss, 60 Ball's road
Raby, W., 58 Ball's road
Race, Annie, Sunny Side, 21 South drive
Radford, Mrs. Annie, Aylesbury, 1 East Bank road
Raffael, M., machinery exporter, Sorrento, 88 Orchard road
Rainford, Mrs., 21 Park road
Ralphs, Geo., signalman, 17 Nelson street
Ramsbottom, Mrs., Ravenscliffe, 27 Glen Eldon road
Ramsbottom, Mrs. A., The Brigg, 115 St. Andrew's road South
Ramsden, Mrs., 2 Kirkdale avenue
Ratcliffe, Daniel, Brandwood, 49 North drive
Ratcliffe, J., steward, Conservative Club, Sunnyhurst, 18 St. David's read South
Ratcliffe, W. H., manufacturer, Hollywood, South drive
Raw, Miss, News lands, St. Annes road East
Rawlins, Peter, grocer's assistant, 10 Clifton street
Rawson Bros., gent's outfitters, 9 West crescent. Residence : Glengariff, 99 St. Andrews' road S.
Rawson, Miss, Glengariff, 99 St. Andrew's road South
Rawstron, C. & Son, funeral furnishers, Alpha House, 9 St. Andrew's road South
Rawstron, W., agent, Post Office Chambers
Rayner, E., newsagent & stationer, 24 Orchard road. Residence : 31 Park road
Rayner, U., Canstatt House, 30 Leach lane
Read, A. E., 65 Church road Read, H., Belvedere, 33 St. Alban's road East
Read, Miss, Westleigh, 8 All Saints' road
Read, Misses, Rutherglen Boarding House, South promenade. Apartments
Read, Mrs., Brierfield, 9 Richmond road
Read, R., cellarman, 64 Church road
Redfern Bros., butchers, 1 West crescent and Alexandria drive
Redfern, James, butcher, Woodfield, 1 St. Patrick's road South
Rees, P. L., merchant, Siddington, 58 Orchard road
Reason, A.,. Birchfield, 20 Victoria road
Reason & Co., toy dealers, 9 Garden street
Rhodes, George, beef and, pork butcher, 30 and 28 St. Annes road West and Alexandria drive
Rhodes, Mrs., Silverdale, 35 All Saints' road
Rhodes & Dugdale, milliners, Clifton square, Lytham
Ribble Steam Laundry Co., 5 Orchard road
Richards, Walter, builder, Cairo Cottage, Rossendale road
Richardson, Cumming, Deenethorpe, 44 Orchard road
Richardson, Ed., professor of music, Friar Mere, 36 All Saints' road
Richardson, Frank, gardener, 104 Church road
Richardson, John, greengrocer, Rossendale road
Richardson, Mrs. Wm., Heyhouses
Richardson, 0., joiner, 93 Church road
Richardson, Oliver, bricksetter, 100 Church road
Richmond, Mrs., Claremont House, 6 Glen Eldon road
Ridings, J., newsagent & stationer, 115 St. Alban's road East, Sub-Post Office
Ridley, W. .J., Sunnyside, 19 St. Patrick's road South
Rigby, Miss, Melrose House, 37 South promenade
Rigby, Peter, painter, 36 Hope street
Rigg, Mrs., Westholme, 8 Lightburne avenue
Riley's Bakehouse, back St. Annes road West
Riley, Mr., 51 Kilnhouse lane
Riley, Mrs. S., 36 St. Andrew's road South
Riley, L. 0., labourer, Rose Villa, Headroomgate road
Riley, T. S., confectioner, Gloucester I louse, 7 Orchard road
Riley, W. H., grocer, etc., 144 St. Alban's road East
Rimmer, E., fisherman, 68 Church road
Rimmer, H., fisherman, 35 Nelson street
Rimmer, Mrs., 48 Clifton street
Rimmer, Thomas, fisherman, 15 Nelson street
Rinses, Mrs., Rostrevor, 31 Victoria road
Risely, F. J., shoe finisher, Yew Tree House, 6 Sydney street
Ritchie, Alan, clothier, 14 Glen Eldon road
Rivers, Wm., traveller, Hill Side, Cartmell road
Roberts, H. A, clerk, 43 Kilnhouse lane
Roberts, H. R., Sandilands, 26 St. Andrew's road South
Roberts, John, gardener, 10 Nelson street
Roberts, John, labourer, 102 Clifton street
Roberts, Mrs., 37 Oxford road
Robinson, H., 75 Church road
Robinson, Mr., caretaker, Ash Lea, 87 Clifton street
Robinson, Mrs., Thornley House, 25 St. Alban's road East
Robinson, Mrs., Heyesleigh, 44 North drive
Robson, Mr., Bungalow, Lytham road
Rochdale Children's Convalescent Home, 121, St. Andrew's road South. Caretaker: G. Greenwood
Roffe, G., gardener, 46 St. Andrew's road South
Roffe, Miss, costumier, 46 St. Andrew's road South
Rogers, W., Rostheine Villa, 29 St. David's road South
Rogerson, A. R., solicitor, The Bungalow, South promenade
Ross, Alexander S., 36 Orchard road
Ross, Edward, 30 Albert road
Rossall, J., coal merchant, Ansdell
Rossall-Smith, Geo., Chilcote, 3 St. Leonard's road,
Rostron, L., joiner, 1 Cross street
Rostron, Miss A. A., Holcombe Villa, 13 Glen Eldon road
Rostron, Miss S., Cefn-Coch, 19 Glen Eldon road
Rostron, Thomas, Springfield, 26 St. George's road
Rostron, T. W., Ardath, 21 North drive
Rothwell, C., insurance agent, Melville House, 20 St. David's road South
Rothwell, H. D., Rothleigh, Headroomgate road
Rothwell, W., cab proprietor, 10 Kirkdale avenue
Rourke, E., Lama Cottage, 2 Albert road
Rourke, Mrs., 11 Alexandra road
Rowe John, cheese factor, Vernon Bank, South promenade
Rushfirth, E. W., builder, Kilnsea,3 Kilnhouse lane
Rushfirth, S., stonemason, Red Cot, Ball's road
Rushfirth, Stephen, stonemason,
Rushville, 21 Kilnhouse lane
Rushfirth & Sons, monumental masons, Back St. David's road South. Residence : 14 St. Alban's road
Rushton, J., boot & shoe repairer, 38 Church road
Rushton, T. B., baker, 3 Clarendon road
Russell, Frank, plumber & electrician, St. Andrew's road South
Russell, Mr., Derecourt, 31 Lightburne avenue
Russell, Walter, solicitor, Fern Lea, 36 Leach lane
Russell, W. E. & Co., Ltd., plumbers and electrical engineers, St. Andrew's rd Sth
Ryder, H. E., 34 St. Alban's road East
Ryder, Norman, joiner, 86 Ball's road
Rydings, Miss, confectioner, 146, St. Alban's road East
Rylands, A. E., Alsa Craig, 73 Park road