Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Waddington, Miss, Sunnydale, 61 rk road
Waddington, Mrs., Allan Bank, 24 St. Alban's road East
Waddington, W. H., printer, 71 St. Andrew's road South
Wade, C., Penny Bazaar, 16 St. Andrew's road South
Wade, F., grocer, 48 St. Annes road West. Residence : Stamford House, 33 St. David's road North
Wade, Mrs. , Daffodil Villa, 57 St. Andrew's road South
Wade, Percy, ironmonger, 7 Lime Grove
Wade, Reginald, 14 Lightburne avenue
Wade, R., 21 Oxford road
Wade, W., architect, Bank Chambers, Park road. Residence: Kronberg, 27 Oxford road
Waechter, C. M., Bungalow, 9 York road
Wainhouse, Jos., tailor, Orme House, 79 Clifton street
Waite, Miss, Strathdene, 105 St. Andrew's road South. Apartments.
Walden, A., gardener, Cowandale
Walker, F. W., stockbroker, Limefield, 16 Victoria road
Walker, Mrs., Lea Hurst, 98 St. Annes road East
Walker, Miss, Eldon Villa, 34 Victoria road
Walker and Lambert, hairdressers and stationers, Alexandria Drive
Walker, Mrs., Spring Bank, 20 St.Annes road East
Walker, J., labourer, Weatley Cottage, St. David's road North
Wallworth, Mrs., Woburn, 30a St.David's road South
Walmsley, Cromwell, MiltOn, All Saints' road
Walmsley, Ed., joiner and builder, 35 St. Andrew's road North
Walmsley, Henry, draper, Rivoli, South drive
Walmsley, James, carriage manufacturer, Holme Lea, 37 Derbe road
Walmsley, J., Sannoxham, 21 St. Patrick's road South
Walmsley, N., contractor, Saxondale, 17 Ashley road
Walmsley & Son, silk mercers and drapers, The Square and Park road
Walsh, Clement, railway outporter, 28 Clifton street
Walsh, Mr., labourer, 20 Hope street
Walsh, Mrs. M., Hurstood, 5 All Saints' road
Walsh, R., Fern Villa, 17 St. Andrew's road South
Walsh, Richard, labourer, Heyhouses
Walton, Fred, 135 St. Andrew's road South
Walton, Isaac, postman, 80 Church road
Walton, T. W., labourer, 66 Church road
Walton, W. T., hardware dealer, 1 Alexandra road
Warbrick, Mrs., 24 Clifton street
Warbrick, Mrs., Myrtle Villa, 18 Wood street
Warburton & Son, coal merchants, St. George's road. Residence : 48 St. Andrew's road South
Warburton, H., coal merchant, Dunes View, 50 St. Andrew's road South
Warburton, W. H., joiner, Holme Lea, 22 Church road
Ward, Walter, Abbotsbrook, South drive
Wardle, Miss, Brooklands, 19 Richmond road
Wardman, W., Hazel House, 71 St. Alban's road East
Waring, Chris., carter, 152 St. Alban's road East
Warren, T., carter, 4.3 Clifton street
Waterworth, Wm. Henry, 73 Church road
Watkins, Mariah, 18 Oxford avenue
Watkinson, Robert, fire appliance maker, Furzeleigh, 43 Glen Eldon road
Watson, H., Waverley, 31 Oxford road
Watson, Miss, Newstead, 1 York road
Watson, Mrs., Newstead, 1 York road
Watt, A. J., jeweller, St. Annes road West
Watts, John, cotton waste dealer, Springfield, 122 St. Andrew's road
Watts' Drug Stores, 3 St. David's road South
Webb, H. W., The Links, 3 St.Thomas' road
Webb, W. A., engineer, Woodcote, St. David's road North
Webster, H. E., mill furnisher, Avonmore, St. Annes road East
Webster, Miss S , Laurelhurst, 30 South drive
Webster, Nelson Gower, Hilldrop, 101 St. Alban's road East
Webster, Robert, coachman, Rossendale road
Welch, Mrs., Ortonville, 38 Park road
Wells, J. W., gardener, 141 Church road
Weisenrieder, Louis, chef, Oakwood, 21 Alexandra road
Wesleyan Church, Church road. Caretaker : T. Duckworth, 30 Clifton street
Wesleyan School, St. Alban's road E.
Westall, B., Monsall Villas, 69 St. Andrew's road South
Westall, Mr., Egerton Sands, 27 St. David's road South
Westell, Mrs. M. A., Rossmoyne, 62 Lightburne avenue
Westhead, J., tram driver, Stoney Hill bridge
Westhead, Wm., carter, 84 Clifton street
Westward, E. A., 24 Leach lane
Weston, T. C., bassinette dealer, Blackpool
Whalley, C., 33 Lightburne avenue
Wharton, Mrs., 76 Ball's road
Whatmough, Joseph, Carrick, St.Annes road East
Whewell, S., draper, St. Annes road west.
Whipp, Ed. M., North View, 14 St. George's road
White, J. H., Thistle Mount, 65 St. Andrew's road South
Whitehead, J. \V., coal merchant, 6 Oxford avenue
Whitehead, Misses, Southdown Hydro, 1 South promenade
Whitehouse, Miss, Downton, 23 Orchard road
Whitehurst, W., corn merchant, 52 North drive
Whiteside, Henry, coachman, 96 Clifton street
Whiteside, John, contractor, Westby House, 6 St. Annes road East
Whiteside, John, joiner and builder, Lyne street
Whiteside, Joseph, farmer, Leach Farm, Division lane
Whiteside, John, farmer, Heyhouses
Whiteside, J., outporter, 30 St. Andrew's road South
Whiteside, T., carriage proprietor, wheelwright and coachbuilder, 10 Park road
Whitham, Mrs., Lucerne, 95 St. Andrew's road South
Whittle, James, jeweller, Brier Dene, 76 Park road
Whittle, H. C., Shoreham, Kensington road
Whittle, Peter, window cleaner, 31 Church road
Whitaker, Mrs. M. E., Evelyn Villas, St. Annes road East
Whittaker, E., The Cottage, Porritt's Yard, North drive
Whittaker, Edwin, steward, Liberal Club, Dorset Cottage, Oxford avenue
Whittaker, Miss, Ashdene, South promenade
Whittaker, Mrs.. Arncliffe, 56 Lightburne avenue
Whittaker, Mr., Willow Lodge, 10 Leach lane
Whittaker, Mrs., Glenroyd, 75 St. Alban's road E.
Whittaker, Robt., Aldersyde, 8 Wood street
Whittaker, Samuel, Thorncombe, St. Annes road East
Whittaker, Wm., joiner, St. Kilda, 9 Alexandra road
Whittingham, W., solicitor and commissioner, Wood Street Chambers, 24 Wood street. Residence : 71 South promenade
Whitworth, J., Sowerby House, 50 Wood street
Whyte, C., Glen Royd, Westby road
Wigan Coal & Iron Co., coal merchants, 3 Station yard
Wiggins, A., photographer, 3a Orchard road. Residence : 10 Glen Eldon road
Wilcock, James, Netherleigh, 54 Lightburne avenue
Wilde, H., brush manufacturer, Werneth Cottage, 5 Grove street
Wilford, Mrs., Tarlsco, 4 Victoria road
Wilks, Mrs., Elsinghurst, 34 Derbe road
Wilks, Joseph, carter, Heyhouses
Wilkin, Rd., farmer, Moss Edge lane
Wilkinson, J. A., yarn agent, Brookdale, Cartmell road
Wilkinson, Miss D., Rydal House, 99 St. Alban's road East
Wilkinson, W., builder and contractor. Workshop : Off St. David's road South. Residence : 10 Stephen street
Williamson, Mrs., Rydal Mount, Derbe road
Williamson, Mrs., Hethersgill, 21 St. Alban's road East
Williamson, T. Pym, golf secretary, 58 Park road
Williams, E. G., hosier and haberdasher, Alexandria drive
Williams, Mrs., Lynfield, 70 St. Alban's road East
Willacy, John, plumber, 125 Church road
Willoughby, Mr., Ravensdale, 4 Balmoral road
Wilson, Fred, joiner and builder, Back St. David's road S. Residence : Woodlands road, Ansdell
Wilson, G., joiner, 4 Nelson street
Wilson, J., Erin Lodge, St. David's road North
Wilson, J., grocer, St. Alban's road East. Residence: Townley House, 16 St. Patrick's road
Wilson, J., joiner, 28 Kilnhouse lane
Wilson, Miss J., 38 St. David's road South
Wilson, R., Haslingden, 17 St. Thomas' road
Wilson, T., contractor, Back West Crescent. Residence : Merridale, 27 St. David's road North
Wilson, Wm., joiner, 32 Kilnhouse lane
Wilson & Son, auctioneers, Clifton street, Lytham
Wilton, Mrs., The Old Vicarage, Church road
Winn, Mrs., 16 Albert road
Wiseman, R. H., cotton manufacturer, Daylesford, 6 Queen's road
Winterbottom, Samuel, Moss Leigh, 17 North drive
Withington, Mrs., 35 Kilnhouse lane
Witt, J. plasterer, 27 St. Andrew's road South
Wolfenden, The Misses, Henley House, 15 Alexandra road
Wood, Herbert; Calderdale, 68 Park road
Wood, G., manager, The Wineries, 2 St. David's road South
Wood, John, butcher, Inglewood, 5 St. Alban's road West
Wood, Marie, milliner, 2 Park road
Wood, Miss, Auklands, 51 Orchard road
Wood, Mrs., 35 North drive
Wood, Mrs.,Woodville, 6 St. George's square
Wood, Mrs. A. & Wood, Miss E. A., Ivy Bank, 29 St. Alban's road E.
Wood, S., joiner, 44 Clifton street
Woods, H. W., Ivy Dene, 137 St.Andrew's road South
Woodall, J., Netherleigh, 28 St. David's road South
Woodcock & Sons, solicitors, 8a Orchard road
Woodcock, W., joiner, Sandhurst, 21 Glen Eldon road
Woodhead, Dr. W. F. C., physician and surgeon, Hazeldene, South drive
Woodhead, Henry, Alamo, Westby road
Woodhead, Mrs. E. K., Cromer Lea, 35 Oxford road
Worden, A. V., stationer & toy dealer, 15 North crescent
Worsley, T., Rockery, St. Andrew's road South
Worsley, T. R., bootmaker and repairer, 28 Nelson street
Worthington & Co., boot and shoe makers, 22 St. Annes road West and 1 Wood street
Worthington, Mrs., 37 All Saints' road
Worthington, Mrs., Inglewood, 11 South drive
Wray, Ernest, confectioner, 6 Kirkdale avenue
Wright, A. H., traveller, Beevinten, 16 Derbe road
Wright, E., Ashdene, 26 Wood street
Wright, Miss, Fern Leigh, 8 Derbe road
Wright, Mrs., 7 Fairhaven road
Wright, Mrs., Fernshaw, 14 St. Annes road East
Wright, Wm., bricksetter, Lea Royd, 62 Ball's road
Wrigley, Mrs., Vetusholme, St. Annes road East
Wrigley, Mrs., 114 Clifton street
Wrigley, The Misses, Mentmore, South promenade
Wylde, Miss, Woodleigh, 19 Park road