Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Karstens, Hugo, Stanley Villas, 30 St. Annes road East
Kastner, R., manufacturer, Carlton Lea, St. Annes road East
Kay, A. & Co., grocers, 35 Lightburne avenue and Leach lane
Kaye, Sarah, Crescent chambers
Kearsley, M. A., 42 Albert road
Kearton, Thomas, postman, 8 Hope street
Kellett, Mrs., Heyhouses
Kelvey & Penlington, A. R. I. B. A. , architects and surveyors, 48a St. Annes road West
Kelvey, Rev. H. F., Albert Villas, 119 St. Andrew's road South
Keenan, Thomas, builder and contractor, 11 Nelson street
Kendal, Thos., road foreman, Heyhouses
Kendall, W. D., J.P., Carholme, St. Annes road East
Kennedy, Bernard, postman, 112 Clifton street
Kenyon, Mrs., Mayfield, 27 Wood street
Kershaw, Binns, manufacturer, Homebush, 14 Balmoral road
Kershaw, Dr. J., Sedgley, 46 North drive
Kershaw, Thomas, Brookfield, 19 North drive
Kilroy, John, gas stoker, 202 St. David's road North
Kinder, S., 35 Glen Eldon road
King Edward VII. College, South drive
King, F. H., education representative, Dolphinholme, 61 Orchard road
King, J. E., bank manager, Garden House, 8 St. Annes road East
Kirby, Thomas, painter and decorator, Avenham, 13 Alexandra road
Kirkham, Harry, plasterer's labourer, 83 Clifton street
Kirkham, Richard, labourer, 84 Church road
Kirkham, R., plasterer, 78 Clifton street
Kirkland, Miss, milliner, 1 St. An-drew's road South
Kitchen, Herbert, gardener, 28 Albert road
Kitson, W. H., 93, Clifton street
Knight, Mrs., 45 Kilnhouse lane
Knight, Mrs. A., Sandhurst, 3 All Saints' road
Knight, Charles, 13 All Saints' road
Knight, Dr. Ernest, M.B., Lend., surgeon, Glengarth, St. Annes road East
Knott, Mrs., 23a North Crescent
Knowles, C. W., cash draper, 8 St. David's road South
Knowles and Co., drapers, 46 St.Annes road west
Knowles, Miss, Clapham House, 1 St. David's road north
Knowles, Dr. R., Clandeboye, 16 York road
Knutton, F. 'J., bank manager, Rose Lea,- Cartmell road