Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Cadman, Mrs., Ashleigh, 49 Orchard road
Cafe Royal, St.Annes road West. Proprietresses : Misses
Coates Cain, G. W., confectioner, St.Annes road West
Cameron, M. H., Somerley, St.Annes road east
Campbell, G. V., Riversdale, 77 St. Andrew's road South
Campbell, J., plumber, 5 St.David's road south
Campkin, The Misses, 10 Light¬burne avenue
Cappamagian Augusta, Mrs., Sunny Villa, 1 Springfield road
Cardwell, John, bricksetter, 88 Ball's road
Cardwell, John, jOiner, 34 Nelson street
Cardwell, W., bricksetter, Alexandra road east
Carlton, Fred, " Cosy Corner." Lessee, St. Annes Public hall. Address : R. Dawson, cycle dealer, Garden street
Carman, James, coachman, 1 Beach road
Carmont, D., lamplighter, Laburnum Cottage, 40 Church road
Carmont, H. J., assistant overseer, Fairmont, 27 Lightburne avenue
Carmont, Samuel, agent,12 Springfield road
Carnegie Free Library, South drive
Carr's, ironmongers, 12 St. Andrew's road south
Carter, A. F., Strathdene, 6 Balmoral road
Carter, Mrs., Belvedere, 2 York road
Carter, Mrs., Belfast Linen House, 3 Orchard road
Carter, T., carter, 95 Church road Cartmell, Geo., gardener, 105 Church road
Cartmell, Geo., farmer, Di vision lane
Cartmell, H., solicitor, Elim Lodge, 9 Victoria road
Cartmell, J., carter, Ivy Villa, Headroomgate road
Cartmell, Jas., farm labourer, Hey-houses
Cartmell Robt., gardener, 63, St. Andrew's road north
Cartmell and Sons, florists and gardeners, St. George's gardens, St. George's road
Cartmell, W., farmer, Division lane
Cartmell, Wm. H., tram driver, 116 Clifton street
Cary, C. E., Aingarth, 22 York road
Cary, W. E., ironfounder, Southfield, South Promenade
Catholic Church :—Rev. Father Cosgrave. St. Annes road east
Catholic Schools, St. Alban's road east. Sisters of the Cross and Passion
Catlow, S., Noyna, 5 St. George's Square
Catterall, Ernest, yarn agent, Morningside Villas, St. Annes road east
Caw, A. W., Kirby Lee, 2 Victoria road
Central Laundry Co., Back Glen Eldon road
Century Buildings Assembly Rooms, 4 Garden street
Chadband, Mrs., 1-t Nelson street
Chadband, Mrs., and Youles, Miss Mafeking House, 1 Clarendon road
Challinor, T., watchmaker and jeweller, 22 St. Alban's road east
Chadwick, John, solicitor, Lyncroft, 10 Balmoral road
Chadwick, The Misses, Elsinore, 25 Fairhaven road
Chadwick, Wm., Fylde House, 63 Clifton street
Chapman, Harry, carter, 126 Clifton street
Charlton, D., 7 Alexandra road
Charlton, R., joiner, 8 Kirkdale Avenue
Charlton, W. E., bricklayer, 132 Clifton street
Chatwood, Mrs., Cartmell road
Cheetham, Miss H., milliner, 22 Orchard road
Cheetham, Mrs., Derecourt, 44 Wood street
Cheetham, S., butcher, 25 North Crescent
Chouajian, J., salesman, Westfield, 39 St. David's road north
Clarke, Charles, carter, Headroomgate road
Clarke, E., grocer, 15, Orchard road
Clarke, Robert, grocer, 23 Wood street
Clarke, S. T., commercial traveller,
Moorside, 20 Glen Eldon road
Clarke, Wm., luggage carter, 94
Clifton street
Clarkson, Jas., labourer, 78 Church road
Clarkson, Wm., 11 Cross street Clarkson, Wm., clerk, Avondale, 22 Albert road
Clayton, T. H., milk hitter, Tabanchu, 4 Sydney street
Clayton, Wm., Norwood, 9 Bal-moral road
Clayton, W. J., Denmark Villa, 51 Park road
Clegg, John, mill manager, Lynwood, 103 St. David's road S
Clegg, J. W., artist, 21 Cross street
Clegg, Maden, yarn agent, Lark Hill, 125 St. Andrew's road south
Clegg, Miss, Mirfield, 33 Victoria road
Clegg, Robert, mechanic, Sandown, 101 St. Andrew's road south
Clegg, Stansfield, insurance agent, 43 St. Andrew's road south
Clegg, Wm., Hope Cottage, 41 Lightburne avenue
Clementson, G. E., Belmont, 14 North Promenade
Clothier, J. H., electrical engineer, Fern Dale, 128 St. Andrew's road south
Clowes, Mr., bootmaker and repairer, 121 St. Alban's road
Cocker, Steven, manufacturer,Lyndhurst, 14 York road
Cockerell, Mrs., 89 Church road
Cockerell, Thos., stonemason, 115 Church road
Coffey, Henry, agent, 3 Osborne Rd
Collier, Mrs., Chulmleigh, 27 South drive
Collinge & Co., Ltd., cabinet makers and upholsterers, 20 Park road
Collinson, W. H., manager of Corporation Billposting Co., Preston, Woodlands, 9 St. David's road N.
Common, Mr., coachman, Beaconside, 12 Lightburne avenue
Congregational Church, Pastor : Rev. Eric A. Lawrence, North drive
Connelly, Miss, Ribblesdale, 3 South drive
Connelly, Thomas, joiner,153 Church road
Connor, H., York House, 9 South Promenade
Conservative Club, 2 Orchard road. Steward :—Jr. Ratcliffe.
Cook, W. H., 5 St. Leonard's road
Cooke, H. S., milliner, costumier and furrier, 16 and 14 Garden street. Residence : Lea Bank, St.George's. road
Cooke, J., 29 St. David's road north
Cooke, Mrs., 44 Nelson street
Cooke, Mrs. E., Rosneau, Cartmell road
Cooke, Samuel, Brunlea, South drive
Cookson's, butchers, 4 St. David's road south
Cookson, Mrs., 12 Church road
Cookson, Mrs., Lochwood, 65 Orchard road
Cookson, Mrs. Ellen, farmer, 98 Ball's road
Cookson, Mrs. T., 96 Ball's road
Cookson, Richard, bricksetter, 92 Ball's road
Coop, Miss J., 33 Church road
Coop, T., printer, Smithills, 32 Park road
Co-operative Society, Ltd., Branch No. 12, 8 Park road
Coupe, J. H., clerk, Craiglands, 47 Orchard road
Cooper, Edwin, cotton waste merchant, Avenham, St. Annes road
Cooper, Harry, cotton waste merchant, Highnam, St. Annes road
Cooper, Joseph, Primrose Villas, 63 St. Andrew's road south
Cooper, T. B., Naseby Villa, 41 Glen Eldon road
Cooper, T. R., Listowel, 46 Park road
Coops, J. W., traveller, The Coppice, South drive
Copland, Montague, cotton spinner, Whitehall, South drive
Corbett, C., 4 Glen Eldon road
Corless, Thos., steam roller driver, 78 Ball's road
Cornes, Jas., 4 St Patrick's road south
Cornthwaite, Mrs., 10 Richmond road
Cosgrave, Rev. Father, The Presbytery, 2 St. Annes road east
Cotton, T., quarry owner, 15 Glen Eldon road
Cottrill, Robert P., broker and general dealer, 113 St. Alban's road east
Coubrough, Mrs. K., Kelowna, 15 Balmoral road
Coupe, Mrs., Myrtle Grove, 3 Rich-- mond road
Coope, Wm., china dealer, 10 St. Annes road west
Cowen, Miss 51., The Lea, 18 Light borne avenue
Coyle, Mrs., 68 Clifton street
Cozens, A., 78 St. Alban's road east
Craigie, R., 8 Oxford avenue
Craston, C. E., 16 St. Annes road east
Craven, J., Summer Field, St. Annes road east
Craven, Miss M. E., Arley, 10 North Promenade
Craven, Mrs., Marlborough Grange, 23 South Promenade
Crawshaw, W., contractor, Aireville, Orchard road
Crick, Mrs., Aydehurst, 46 Wood street
Crighton, Mrs. Al. E., St. Annes road east
Crighton, R., builder and con-tractor, Back St. David's road south. Residence : St.Annes Rd east
Crockwell, Margaret, Roorkee, 10 Hornby road
Crompton, Alfred, 12 Nelson street
Crompton, Sergt., Eden Grove, 161 Church road
Crone, Mrs., Wyndhurst, St. Annes road East
Cronshaw, R., stoker, KS Cross street.
Crook, George, painter, 52 Clifton street
Crooke, Thos., traveller, Venture Cottage, 9 Springfield road
Cropper, D., boot repairer, Andover Villa, 65, St. Alban's road East
Cropper, Mrs., Brentwood, 14 South drive
Cropper, Mrs. J. E., Clevedon, 13 South Promenade
Cropper, Walton, labourer, Elmfield House, 23 St. Andrew's road North
Crossland, Henry, Vinthorpe, 23 Lightburne avenue
Crossley, E., Avondale, St. Annes road East
Crossley, Mrs., 7 Glen Eldon road
Crossley, Mrs., 14 Kilnhouse lane
Crossley, Mrs., Kirkdale Villas, 1 Kirkdale avenue
Crossley, Tom, estate agent, 39 Glen Eldon road
Croucher, W. G., cycle agent and repairer, 10 Orchard road
Crouchley, Miss, Silverdale, 41 Park road
Crowe, Harry, cashier, West View, 26 Albert road
Crummack, H., Claughton, 23 Park road
Cryer, J., Dalton House, 5 St. David's road North
Cundiff, Wm., sanitary engineer, Danesfield, Glen Eldon road
Cunliffe, Joshua, draper and small ware dealer, 145 Church road
Cunliffe, Misses, Dalmeny, 21 South Promenade
Currie, George Gordon, Annescot, 11 Clarendon road