Lytham St.Annes Coat of Arms
Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire, England


List of Householders & Businesses in St.Annes A-Z 1908

Nalder, Mrs., Chase Side, Headroomgate road
National Schools, St. Annes road East
National Telephone Company, 25 St. Andrew's road North
Needham, Alfred, 74 Ball's road
Needle, B. W., commercial traveller, Bowness, 15 Victoria road
Neild, G. B., merchant, Cross Bank, 15 Fairhaven road
Nelson, Major, Seaforth, 37 North drive
Neville, J. Herbert, solicitor, Crescent Chambers
Newbigging, William, Sandhaven, South promenade
Newsholme, R. W., Goppa, 84 Orchard road
Nicholl, T., Trelawney House, 23 Fairhaven road
Nicholls, E. M., 34 Clifton street
Nicholson, J. A., draper, Seaholly, Riley avenue
Nicholson, L. , confectioner, 29 North crescent
Nicholson, Ralph, hoot and shoe maker, 15 St. David's road S.
Nickson, A., joiner, Rothesay House, Alexandra road
Nickson, C., gardener, Mayfield House, 18 St. Patrick's road South
Nickson, H., 3 St. Patrick's road South
Nightingale, Harold, 27 Alexandra road
Nightingale, Joseph, builder, Knowley House, St. David's road N.
Nish, Fred, stockbroker, Eldon House, 26 Glen Eldon road
Nixon, Mrs., Derwent Villa, 9 Wood street
Noar, Talford, wholesale clothier, Cairnsmoor, North drive
North, Misses E. C. & F.M., The Grove, 5 South promenade
Norton, G. P., Birkby Lodge, South drive
Notz, H., Lindau, 21 St. Thomas' road
Noyes, Mr., 55 Lightburne avenue
Noyes, Mrs., 14 & 55 Lightburne avenue
Nuttall Bros., dressmakers, 1a, Park road
Nuttall, Ed., contractor, Amberley, 1 Balmoral road
Nuttall, G. & Sons, builders' merchants, Cambridge road
Nuttall, Herbert, builder's merchant, Fern Lea, 65 Clifton street
Nuttall, Jas., Norwood, 35 St.David's road North
Nuttall, J. A., joiner & builder, Oak Mount, 22 St. Andrew's road S.
Nuttall, Mr., joiner, Derwent House, 52 St. Alban's road East
Nuttall, Mrs., Inglegarth, 2 St. George's square
Nuttall, Mrs. E., Cambridge road
Nuttall, Richard, watchmaker, 6 St. Andrew's road South. Residence : Burnum Villa, 54 St. Andrew's road South
Nuttall, W. H., sanitary plumber, 6 St. Alban's road East
Nutter, W. H., Rough Lee, St. Thomas' road